Sort of blew it out of the water today #HIIT #reps (#weights) and a quick stretch

Based onDay #16 – Real Time 30 Day Challenge + Full Body Weighted Burnout


  • (10/30) – 2 rounds with 1-min rest in between 59:40. I’d forgotten how good a 30-second interval can be for me. It’s my personal “tabata setpoint”, meaning the longest I can go at true max effort. Tabata intervals are actually 20-seconds, but that’s too short to work for me. Also if I’m doing 30-seconds I favor less complex moves. Makes sense to me.
  • Skipping
  1. Push-up, side plank each side hands on 10lb weights
  2. Chest press 40lb
  3. 10 Mt climbs, 2 tuck jumps
  4. Clean & press, push-up 40lb
  5. Burpee to tuck jump
  6. Get ups, 20lbs sit to squat, lay down, weight overhead, come forward onto feet & hop up
  7. Tuck abs 3lb weight in feet
  8. Supergirl push-ups
  9. Mountain climbs
  10. Pike push-ups, elevated
  11. Vabs
  12. Seated Russian twist 20lbs
  13. Shoulder press 40lbs
  14. Half burpee surfer
  15. Jackknife pike, 10lbs
  16. Single arm clean & press, 20lbs
  17. Other side
  18. Overhead abs 20lbs
  19. Handstand
  20. Lunge & twist, alt, 10lbs held overhead, stepping forward, do a twist bringing weights down & outwardly rotated across front leg Change to alt lunge forward, 40lbs, next time
  21. Tricep dips
  22. Swings 35lbs
  1. Upright row 20lbs
  2. Squat 40lbs
  3. Elevated push-up, wide hands
  4. Squat jumps
  5. Plyo jump forward & 2 hops back
  6. Goblet squats 30lbs
  7. Single leg pike abs, 10lbs, alt sides
  8. Half dive bomber, each knee in to opp elbow
  9. 1/3 burpee, push-up, clean & press 30lbs
  10. Squat & press 40lbs
  11. Straight abs, 3/4 up
  12. Sliders
  13. Bicep curls 26lbs
  14. Woodchop 20lbs
  15. Other side
  16. Mat jumps
  17. Push-up & plank row, 20lbs feet elevated
  18. Chest press w/ reverse curl legs, 30lbs
  19. Alt lunge forward & press up, 30lbs
  20. Figure 8s, 20lbs, or around the world
  21. Lateral raise, 20lbs
  22. Tricep kickbacks 20lbs

Burnout – reps 20

  • Video was intervals. I changed some of the exercises to suit my needs / whims today & changed the set to reps
  1. Straight abs
  2. Bicep curl, wide, 26lbs
  3. Oblique abs
  4. Other side
  5. Overhead tricep, 20lbs
  6. Tuck abs 3lbs bet feet
  7. Chest press, 40lbs
  8. Upright row, 20lbs
  9. Squats, wide legs, 40lbs
  10. Push-up, wide arms
  11. Front raises 20lbs
  12. Reclined triceps, 20lbs
  13. Handstand 1min (came down at 50)
  14. Reverse curls 3lbs
  15. Alt shoulder press, 1 arm moving @ a time, 40lbs
  16. Reclined triceps 20lbs


  • A bit under 15-min, including the 1-min savasana at the end

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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