30min #HIIT & 1hr #yoga #ashtanga #ashtangesque

Doesn’t matter if your room’s chilly, you’re wearing 10 year old ripped pants and you have no company if you do a HIIT before your yoga.

Oh and hey my old lady STERLING SILVER shampoo and conditioner arrived. You’re only supposed to use them every other time or so, and I’ve got some castor oil in my hair now so I’ll go ahead and try it out now. It’ll work better once more of the old, dyed hair is chopped off, but my hair’s so short that won’t take long.


Cardio Sweat: HIIT Bodyweight Workout

  • (10/50) with skipping for a 30min set
  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Jump Squats
  3. High Knees
  4. Lunge Jumps
  5. Russian Kicks
  6. High Knees
  7. Frogger jumping wide
  8. Plie Jumps
  9. High Knees
  10. Curtsy Lunge (right) 30lbs. Changed this b/c did a bunch of hip thrusts yesterday.
  11. Curtsy Lunge (left)
  12. Frogger jumping in & low
  13. Pendulum Hop
  14. Burpee
  15. High Knees


1 hour

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C & D
  • Second to Laghu vajrasana, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Back bending (just 3 drop backs today) & finishing

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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