Spot on #tarot, 22min sit #meditation


Card 1, within: XII The Hanged Man. New one!

Introduction: The Hanged Man generally shows that you are at a crossroads – one with only two options i.e. in or out, up or down, yes or no. You may find yourself very much wanting to do “something” but having no idea what it is or how to do it. If that happens, that’s a clear sign that you should stop, relax, and look at ways that you might need to let go of attempts to control life/situations/people/things.

General: It’s possible that there is an outdated attitude or wish that you need to let go of. Any sacrifice that you make will open up your life to something even more positive than what you “let go of.” All in all this should be a thoughtful, reflective time, particularly if you are willing to look at if or how you might best serve your own interests by being willing to change.

And then…

Hang in the balance and submit to your destiny.

Keywords: Hang in the balance, suspension, suspended action, in limbo. A time of rest and deep contemplation. Submission, submission to your destiny. Sacrifice, die to the self, self annihilation.

Card 2, without: King of Wands. We’ve seen him before, the last time on May 13th as card 3.

To redeem ones self, that is, to grasp the Holy Grail, one must be able to get it not by grace, but by the strength and goodness of their own free will. The King of Wands has control over his own energy, passion, creativity, his spirituality. He knows what he wants, what to do, and his illumination leads others.

Master of your own energy, soul, spirituality, creativity, life force, passions through knowledge and experience. Justice, righteousness, illumination of what was previously dark, misdeeds and bad intentions.

This was from the book that came with the deck. I’m not overly impressed with the writing! Lots of interesting gods & symbology to check out, but the writing style leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll go to this one site I bookmarked for looking up additional info.

I’d LOVE to have a mentor!

Introduction: Often associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the King of Wands signifies wise, open, positive, adventurous masculine energy. As with all court cards, the King can indicate a literal person in your life; most often a man with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. When the King appears, you are likely to have an abundance of energy which you are inclined to use in a positive direction.

General: In general the King of Wands is a positive omen. Even when he does not represent a literal individual in your life, he signifies that men around you are generally supportive and think well of you. You will be feeling ambitious and goal-oriented, and furthermore, you will have the wherewithal to accomplish what you have in mind. Think positively.

Work: In the context of work the King of Wands can indicate a man with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum who wants to serve as a mentor for you. This is a man who you can trust and can count on, although to a degree his people skills can be a bit rough around the edges. Learn what you can from him but pay attention to the places where you wish to conduct yourself differently from the way he does things. Overall, things should be going well work-wise and if you’re looking for employment, the King is a very positive significator that a position that you’d be pleased with is likely to be forthcoming soon.

Card 3, advice: Queen of Disks. Same card & placement last on May 16.

Creates a safe physical environment. Keywords: Gardening, culturing, organizing, nurturing. A safe and secure environment where people and things can grow strong and unconquerable. Safety, stability, prosperity. Physical and financial security.

OK, yes. That’s a totally accurate reading!

And now to get myself mentally organized to do some art. I know I really, really should 1) get going with less rambling internet time in the morning and 2) exercise immediately, but I just can’t get myself to do that. And in the end, the meditation is more important, especially right now. The exercise gets later & later. Lately it’s around 3pm, which sounds good for today


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