I can’t believe I used to get up at 5am SHARP (0 snooze) 2 go do 2 hrs of yoga before work.

How? Why? I was one of the early yoga YouTubers, posting videos before everyone was doing these daily Instagram challenges. Do any home practitioners actually practice without recording themselves these days? I wonder! It’s funny.

Now I’m just after a good stretch and that’s it. I don’t have good lighting or a good camera so I rarely record anything. It’s better for me this way though. It’s inwardly rather than outwardly based yoga.

It’s been cool, dark-ish and rainy in PDX the past few days, and I’m on a glorious break from retail. I’ve been getting out of bed closer to 8am. Today I set the alarm at 6:30 & hit the snooze 3x before sitting up just before 7. Henry’s so used to later he hadn’t even come in from my office, where he prefers to sleep. I got no nose kisses!


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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