#meditation & #ashtanga #yoga, equally torturous! But I did it.

Couldn’t hold my seat for shit this morning, and 22-minutes was pure agony. I was twitchy and, yes tarot cards, unfocused. My spine was screaming for yoga. But I realized when I got downstairs to practice I have a damned good reason for not hopping to in the mornings. It’s been cool in PDX, and the temps drop more at night than they do in NYC – much bigger variable. This time of year the downstairs is several to ten degrees cooler. It was 66 when I started, but I think that was a high reading, as I’d just brought my thermometer & it takes it a few minutes to reset. Therefore I should always do at least 20-min of HIIT first, whether my feet are sore or I feel like it or not.

It’s SO much harder to jazz up the body in a cold and empty room. I added back in more hand standing to try to warm up. It helped a tiny bit, but not much. That 108 average heart rate does not lie.

Sir, looking adorable before I attempted my meditation

In the old days, what I’d do to inspire myself would be one or more of the following: buy some new equipment to challenge myself, like heavier or more varied weights; try out some new classes somewhere to get some company for a change of pace; buy a Beach Body program or some new clothes.

The cards said I need to “let go”. Sure, sure… I try not to dwell. At least I did my stuff. Going to see a movie later with C so that should perk me up.


  • Primary+ to Kapo B, time = 1:17:50
  • Back bending intervals (15/30), time = 15:00
  • Back bending (just wheel to stand, 3 drop backs & 1 tick today)
  • Finishing

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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