I am most definitely not

Today I get to go work 7.5 hours of retail & then get picked up & dropped off at home on The Hill in a hurry. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to in this day. I also have a small portion of 2-days old leftovers packed for lunch. Maybe I should leave that lunch here & go buy a slice of tortured cow pizza instead. (The downside to leaving for the 30-min unpaid break is that you get less time to sit with your shoes off, resting your sweaty, aching feet.)


Henry snuck out the door after Charlie yesterday, apparently. I’d been painting in my office, and looked for him after I’d cleaned up. Normally it’s enough to shake a bag of treats while calling his name & he’ll come running. I looked upstairs & downstairs. At first I thought he was in napping C’s room and so knocked on the door. After 3 or so laps around the house the panic set in and I freaked out. I was crying as I called for him. I sat on the stairs and sobbed at one point. C found him outside. A crow was sounding the alarm apparently and pointed him out. He was under the van in the driveway… I’m going to call for priced on chipping tomorrow. I won’t have time during my very brief breaks / world access allowed in retail. It’ll probably cost me 2-3 weeks worth of pay. He already wears a collar with my phone number on it, but collars can come off.

He had to have been outside for over an hour and a half. Thank God he is safe. That’s all I can say.

Card 1, within: King of Wands

General: In general the King of Wands is a positive omen. Even when he does not represent a literal individual in your life, he signifies that men around you are generally supportive and think well of you. You will be feeling ambitious and goal-oriented, and furthermore, you will have the wherewithal to accomplish what you have in mind. Think positively.

Work: In the context of work the King of Wands can indicate a man with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum who wants to serve as a mentor for you. This is a man who you can trust and can count on, although to a degree his people skills can be a bit rough around the edges. Learn what you can from him but pay attention to the places where you wish to conduct yourself differently from the way he does things. Overall, things should be going well work-wise and if you’re looking for employment, the King is a very positive significator that a position that you’d be pleased with is likely to be forthcoming soon. [I’ll believe it when I see it.]

Master of your own energy, soul, spirituality, creativity, life force, passions through knowledge and experience. Justice, righteousness, illumination of what was previously dark, misdeeds and bad intentions. [I’ll sit today anyway. No time for endorphins.]

Card 2, without: 8 of Swords

Keywords: An unsolved problem, fear, grief, suffering, self inflicted suffering. Change thoughts, change actions, change cycles, Echo, reverberation. Keep your heart light. [Tall order for today.] Imagine what you desire and nothing else. Know and be true to yourself.

The 8 of Swords is a prison of your own mind. [Pacing around for hours on end doing busy work IS like a prison of your own mind. When there’s nothing to straighten you have to pretend to straighten. I always thank God for chatty customers. I am allowed to talk to them! They occupy some minutes.]

Card 3, advice: Ace of Swords

Introduction: As with all Aces, The Ace of Swords can indicate a new beginning of some sort in your life, possibly on several fronts. Sometimes this new beginning can be started by a separation of some kind – from a relationship, or from a job situation. Know that as anxiety-producing as such a new beginning can sometimes be, that underneath it all is good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go.

General: In general the Ace of Swords calls on us to not be afraid to make a leap if it’s in our best interests. In short, bravery is called for. As the old adage says, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” You have a good idea already of what must be done. The hard part is the doing of it. Start today.

Keywords: First step towards redemption and exultation. Open mind, ideals, ideas, good plan. Clear vision. Desire to rise, climb and find the truth. Intense and singular focus.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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