#HIIT #ashtanga #yoga & #meditation

So many crappy workouts lately! Used to be I could just switch it up, like I’ve said but… Meh and oh well. I’m also lately fond of saying things like, If the universe wanted me to be inspired by workouts and fitness and all that, it’d give me XYZ opportunities. Right? Whatever!

I really wanted to take a nap but didn’t. At least I got out of bed and moved my body a little. (I also got a lot of artwork done today.)


Tight Core Body Weight Workout: 15 Minutes HIIT

  • time= 31min, (10/50), 2 rounds with 1-min break
  • HIIT without skipping does NOT carry an asana practice in the same way at allllll. That said I rested my feet. If the universe wanted me to do high impact, it’d give me a living wage at one of the local fitness corporations. Then I’d have lots of low cost, fresh sneakers & access to a kick ass gym.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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