I wonder if I’ll keep exercising if I’m so bored

Hopefully the new sneakers I finally ordered will help inspire me, but I’m doubtful. I looked for the cheap ones & ordered two different $60 pairs from Zappos. The plan is the keep the ones I like best. It’s a lot more doable that the $1,500 I’d need for a bike & peripherals. Plus I don’t have to face any fear (Dosch Road makes experienced bikers raise their eyebrows) and I’m in my (bored to shit) comfort zone.

Anyway I did something. It was really shitty getting going right after my nap, but I did it.


Full Body Sculpt

  • 1min skipping before each exercise
  • 20 reps of all numbered exercises
  • time = 41:23 frankly miserable minutes
  1. Up/Down Dog Flow downdog, plank, updog
  2. 3 Part Abs (Extend, In, Up) tuck abs to reverse curl, lower straight legs down to just above floor
  3. 1 Leg Stand (R) rack
  4. 1 Leg Stand (L) had to stop @ 14! my knee did something weird & wouldn’t get happy again
  5. Boat Abductions C-sit, palms together & arms out straight. Open pointed toes out to the side & flex, pausing a moment
  6. Warrior III to Standing Split (right) warrior, reach fingers to floor & lift back leg up toward standing split this & next done as two rounds of 10/10
  7. Warrior III to Standing Split (left)
  8. Spiderman Cross Plank alt legs, lift leg up & squeeze, tough opp shoulder & then back & up again before changing legs
  9. Deep Plie Squats come all the way down, almost goblet 20lbs
  10. Straight abs 
  11. Superman / Push-up

10 Min Interval Workout

  • (10/50) 2 rounds through, once with video and the other without
  1. Side Step Lift (right)
  2. Side Step Lift (left)
  3. Reverse Plank to Side Plank
  4. Butt Lift
  5. Surfer Burpee
  6. Side Scissor Abs
  7. Squat to Warrior Twist
  8. Extended Boat
  9. Low Jacks
  10. Cross Knee to Elbow Plank


  • 1min timed poses
  • time = 24:28

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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