No special plans for Mem Day WKND, art plans, tarot

I didn’t even realize it was the holiday until I got to retail & dealt with the huge sale for five hours. Travel and special events aren’t ideas that occur to me, for obvious reasons. However maybe I’ll finally buy a few pairs of new panties from our favorite discount website. I’d made a stop at Blick yesterday after work, mainly to pick up a few ink pens, as my favorite weights are getting low on ink, and also just for the sheer joy of browsing, which I hardly ever do. C met me there & very nicely paid for my small set of supplies & so… panties? Or better yet, new cross trainers.

Maybe I’ll do some online shopping next. I’ve got to do some kind of exercise later too, but it’s been very difficult to be motivated lately. This is very unusual for me, as I became a devoted fitness addict at 27. Hmmm…. what to do for moving the body today? I’ll figure it out. I love making lists and checking things off. It’s part of my Virgo rising nature. My chart is so strongly Pisces / Virgo, I used to joke this makes me “a well organized, crazy person”.

I am self aware. I think almost everyone is crazy in some way, although I’m worse than most with subservience to authority.

Diet! I’m on a fast until noon plan for 7 days and I’ll see what happens. I need to combat my wee muffin top, and delaying food every day has always been the best way for me. I used to want sugary, starchy things in the morning OR loaded with animal fat, bagels soaked in butter, literally dripping it, or fried eggs on bagels, cheese. These days the problem is overdoing the muffins, which I load with earth balance and peanut butter, with a sprinkle of sea salt.

[looks at time] Fuck. I should be starting some kind of workout right now so I could be done right at eating time, but no, that’s not going to happen. I’m going to look for sneakers and plan my art time.


Card 1, within: Knight of Wands

Introduction: When the Knight of Wands appears, this is a great time for travel if you can manage to get away. Ha! As if. You should be feeling charged up, full of energy, and ready to get things done. Your self-confidence is likely to be increasing and this should help you toward your goals.

General: Knights are often message bearers, and in the Wands suit, the messages are likely to be positive and related to work or career. Your projects are likely to be/have been more successful than you would have expected or predicted. You have a lot of reasons to feel pride. Savor it. I’ve been getting positive career cards a lot lately but so far no actual manifestation. 

Keywords: The quest and search for power and energy, the holy flame, though not necessarily with the maturity to use it responsibly. The goal is to transform the holy flame into something constructive rather than destructive. Dark, mysterious, solitary, dramatic, shamanistic, passionate and intense. Libido. I can vouch for the libido part, last night anyway.

Card 2, without: 6 of Cups

Introduction: The 6 of Cups is often a card about nostalgia; looking back on how things “used” to be. It can be (but is not always) connected with children or childhood.

General: It’s important not to spend too much time and effort thinking about the “good old days.” We all have happy memories to reflect on from time to time, but if we start thinking that the “best of all years have gone by”, then that can become a self fulfilling prophecy. Ahhhh… too much nostalgia. Yes, I’m still happy I left NYC. All these experiences I’d never have had, like the first real relationship I’ve had since my mid 20s for one. NYC men are the worst. I was done with dating there.

Work: This is an excellent time for work that involves some level of creativity. If your work does not, make a point to spend a little time drawing, painting, or writing, scrapbooking – whatever you fancy that allows a little creativity – in your personal time. Already on the agenda. I have to start inking the next two goddesses. They’re already stapled to the homasote & ready to go.

Finances: If you’re looking for ways to invest money, or to make a little extra money, pay particular attention to things that are retro or nostalgic, or things that appeal to children. Money may come to you from someone from your past or through inheritance (this of course does not mean that someone close to you is necessarily going to pass).

Card 3, advice: 3 of Swords

General: In general, this card can point to very deep emotional issues that must be addressed before the querent can move on. Denying pain does not make it go away (any more than denying a broken leg makes it heal.) However, attention must be paid to balance here also as it must be paid with the 2 of Swords. Allow yourself to experience any pain that comes up now, but do not wallow in it. You do not and should not wallow in grief or sorrow for long. However only you can decide how long is long enough. Others can’t decide it for you.

Spirituality: This is not a time to try to hold on to things, ideas, situations, or people which may have run their course in your life. You must make room in your life/heart/emotions/spirit for new things to come to you. Time alone will be helpful. Have you done all the healing that you need to do? The answers you seek are within you, although you may need help to bring them to the surface. Talk with someone you trust.

Keywords: accepting divine gifts and energy, accepting a divine soul. Rays of light, captured by the dove, brought to earth. Divine, sweet heartache. The agent that wounded your heard was a divine gift to begin with.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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