Upper body #reps & #yoga #inversions

1/2 a workout is better than none I guess!

Maybe I really took to heart that video on over training that I posted a few days ago? I’ve also been teetering into exercise boredom a lot these days, and while a new set of dumbbells is nice, it’s not that exciting.

So I’m trying to work out an upper body routine for myself that I could do semi-regularly for maybe a few weeks. I started out basing one on a Bender routine & adding a lot of held inversions. Maybe this’d be good with skipping… Dunno. I didn’t want to skip today but I didn’t want to do ashtanga either. That’s what it boils down to

Ah the burn, or lack thereof in today’s case. It’s all ok tho. We’ll all be dead in a minute.

Based on:

Arm and Leg Sculpt, w/ Yoga Asana

  • Reps = as many as I can until the last 2 are really difficult on the 1st side.
  • Time = 48:14. This was pretty tedious without cardio, not gonna lie.
  1. Frog Hops, @ wall, 1min +prep (10/60)
  2. Curl (right), 15lbs Standing hammer curl to full extension & tricep squeeze. reps = 20
  3. Handstand, @ wall, 1min +prep (10/60)
  4. Curl (left) reps = 20
  5. Pinca Mayurasana, middle of the room, 1min +prep (10/60)
  6. Plank Row (L/R), 20lbs reps = 10/10
  7. Headstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  8. Plank Row(L/R), 20lbs reps = 10/10
  9. Handstand, @ wall, 1min +prep (15/60)
  10. Tricep Extension,  Standing, slightly bent over, holding single 20lb dumbbell, reps = 20
  11. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (10/60)
  12. Squat and Press, 30lbs. Deep squat with weights resting on shoulder. Hands face inward. reps = 20
  13. Headstand, with backbend, 1min +prep (10/60)
  14. Deadlift, 40lbs, reps =20
  15. Handstand , 1min +prep (15/60)
  16. Squat, 40lbs, reps = 20
  17. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (10/60)
  18. Warrior Deadlift (right), (L/R), 30lbs reps = 10/10
  19. Headstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  20. Warrior Deadlift (L/R), 30lbs reps = 10/10
  21. Handstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  22. Side Lunge (right), 30lbs on shoulders. Step way out to the side & sink into deep lunge, then return. reps = 20
  23. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (15/60)
  24. Side Lunge (left) reps = 20

Easy asana

Diet • Today’s #workout, #HIIT, #jumprope, #ass & #thighs

[YESTERDAY’S FAKE VEGAN LAPSE] PDX is so funny. It even has “dive” sandwich places, aka Charlie’s Deli in the most ramshackle hood west of the river, (Old Town / Chinatown). I should’ve taken a picture or two to illustrate the dive-iness but did not. I had the “Alicia’s Cuban”. Right away I noticed the difference between that & what I normally eat these days, which is plant based. Flesh is so very gray! I ate it. It was tasty enough, but not as Super Decadent, Yum satisfying as I’d hoped it’d be. The potato salad not so much, strong with some kind of herb I wasn’t fond of & the chunks were too large…, not enough dressing.

A really good tempeh burger would’ve been much better! Not to mention 100% preferable on the ethical scale & much healthier to boot.

Around 50/50 on the fat burn to fitness zone always feels like a moderate workout to me

HIIT BootCamp

  • With skipping (10/50) for a 30min set
  1. Deep lunge to Dighasana A (right) I just yogi-fied this move a little bit, but Melissa incorporates a lot of lunges into a similar position as in the video. I chose to extend my arms because it’s really good for hip stabilization, I feel, to practice the 1st part of this 3rd series pose. It’s one of those poses most people brush off, as it’s close to the end in the finishing stretch. It’s also not that showy. It IS hard and a lot of work on the glutes to do it well though, with the hips level.
  2. Deep lunge to Dighasana A (left)
  3. Temple Tap Abs Love this ab exercise. Never did it before I found Melissa.
  4. Dive Bomber
  5. Pendulum Squat, 30lbs Deep squat w/ feet together. Lift alt leg straight out to the side.
  6. Mountain Climber 
  7. Speed Skater Lateral Hops 10lbs
  8. Elbow Tap Side Plank (right) Straight, extended arm here.
  9. Elbow Tap Side Plank (left)
  10. Handstand
  11. Walk the Plank
  12. Twisting Sumo Squat Deep, medium wide squat bringing alt knee to touch opp elbow.
  13. Crunch & Tap 3lb weight bet feet
  14. Spiderman Pushup
  15. Alternating Leg Drop Lie on back with legs straight @ 90deg angle, drop alt leg to heel just above floor, reaching out at an angle aka temple tap abs. I switched this move from #4 to last so I could pause the timer & put on some ankle weights. I wish I had some stretchy anklet-style weights I could slip on within a 10-second change interval! This’d be much better just done with an all ankle-weighted set. Next time I do this HIIT I’ll put a different ab/core exercise here.

Ass & Thighs

  • 20min. Since I was already wearing the ankle weights. My heart rate dropped below 100 though – as low as a bad yoga practice – so I felt compelled to do another HIIT
  1. L) Forearms & Knees: Straight leg lift & lower
  2. L) Bent leg lift flexed foot to ceiling
  3. L) Straight leg, cross at a diagonal & tap the floor
  4. L) Bent leg, pulse flexed foot to ceiling.
  5. Crunches, legs raised
  6. R) Straight leg lift & lower
  7. R) Bent leg lift flexed foot to ceiling
  8. R) Straight leg, cross at a diagonal & tap the floor
  9. R) Bent leg, pulse flexed foot to ceiling.
  10. Crunches, legs raised
  11. L) Lying on side bring leg to front of body, straight as possible
  12. L) bring knee to the front then kick out to a straight leg
  13. L) Make small circles backward
  14. Crunches, legs raised
  15. R) bring leg to front of body, straight as possible
  16. R) bring knee to the front then kick out to a straight leg
  17. R) Make small circles backward
  18. Crunches, legs raised
  19. First side: Side lift
  20. Inner thigh A (bottom leg)
  21. Perpendicular pulse
  22. Inner thigh B (C-sit)
  23. Side pulse
  24. Circle forward
  25. Second side: Side lift
  26. Inner thigh A (bottom leg)
  27. Perpendicular pulse
  28. Inner thigh B (C-sit)
  29. Side pulse
  30. Circle forward

Upper Body HIIT

  • (10/50) skipping
  • All exercises using my new 15-lb dumbbells, except where otherwise noted.
  • Handstand
  • Shoulder press
  • Clean & press
  • Alt lateral raise
  • Alt bicep curl
  • Reclining alt tricep, 30lbs 15lbs per hand was too heavy for the left arm!
  • Kick-backs, 20lbs
  • Pinca mayurasana
  • Around the world, 20lbs
  • Shoulder press
  • Alt lateral raise
  • Alt hammer curl w/ tricep squeeze
  • Reclining tricep, 20lbs
  • Pinca mayurasana – 1min
  • Alt front raises


  • 1min timed poses
  1. virasana
  2. supta virasana
  3. malasana
  4. paschimo
  5. hanuman strapped, R
  6. upavistha k
  7. samakonasana
  8. hanuman strapped, L
  9. block A
  10. block B
  11. savasan

It’s hard to stay glum when your surroundings look like this #pdx

I should just stop reading BoF if it’s no longer personally relevant!

First I got my mind of the what might have beens by finishing up Sekhmet in Photoshop. I’d discovered anatomical funkiness that couldn’t be corrected in watercolor & ink. Glad I took the time to fix it. Posted a couple places but I still need to update the website, Behance & Pinterest, and Dropbox to the client.

And now I’m sunbathing topless as I like to do, in this new, unanticipated existence. I regularly put tanning into my iCal, I shit you not, because when life gives you lemons, you may as well get a bitchin’ tan.

Thoughts on over-exercising & #HIIT

Interesting thoughts for a rest day! As per the Batcave, I’m taking a ladies holiday but mainly for reasons of lack of sleep. But also, even though I took a break from skipping yesterday, I ended up working out really hard & my legs were super sore in the evening, to the point where I didn’t want to let Henry walk down the hill because then I’d have to come back up. It’s a good point for a rest day.

I am an over exerciser for sure, but I’m a hell of a lot older than this woman and I never, ever got a back injury that forced me to take three months off, not even getting over adjusted & seriously tweaked out in Miami, October 2012.

Now she says she wouldn’t recommend HIIT five days a week long term. I guess I’m at about two years of a lot of HIIT, but ya… If I’m holding steady things are fine. My back is a lot healthier now. I can tell in the finishing poses. It’s healthier than it was before I got to Miami. I was still dealing with the lingering aftermath of a neck tweak from practicing Ganda Bherundasana angrily.

So what I’m saying is that for me, a lot of regular, 90% exertion level HIIT is better for me physically than intermediate or advanced ashtanga was. (Things might’ve been different if I hadn’t stopped cross-training during the run of ashtanga obsession, but there’s only so much time in a day.)

Got some work done & I got some sun when it wasn’t so hot outside so we’re all good. I’m actually in the office with the AC running too. Was hard to get the screen out & the vent attachment hooked up though. Imma leave this shizz assembled for the next few days that it’s in the 80s.

I kick ass! 3 rounds #HIIT, #reps for #core & #yoga

I wasn’t even gonna work out & then I was like, Well, just give the skipping a rest and do a “little” workout. It was a pretty good one actually!


Based on: 30 Day Challenge: Day 22: Kick It Up a Notch (15 Minute HIIT)

  • 3 rounds, with 1min rest in between. Time = 47min

1. Hop Side Kick (right) Raise leg with bent knee. Hop straight up in the air & then kick out to the side w/ foot flexed.
2. Hop Side Kick (left)
3. Side Lunge Punch Hook, holding 5lb in each hand for 1st 2 rounds & 8lb each hand the 3rd round
4. Round Kick (right)
5. Round Kick (left)
6. Squat Jump, punching up with kickbacks on the landing holding 5lb in each hand
7. Deadlift 40lbs 
8. Plie Pulse 30lbs 
9. Side Lunge Punch
10. Jump Kick (right)
11. Jump Kick (left)
12.Squat Jump, punching up
13. Lunge & Side Kick (right) 30lbs
14. Lunge & Side Kick (left)
15. Swimmers

Tight Tummy at 30 49Workout

  • 30 reps each move

1. Side Froggers
2. Twisting V-Up
3. Sumo Pushups
4. Lunge Jumps
5. Knee Cross to Elbow (right)
6. Angel Abs
7. Knee Cross to Elbow (left)
8. Side Plank Twist (right)
9. Side Plank Twist (left)
10. Curtsy Lunge Twist 20lbs


  • About 15min

Sunshine / #celticcross #tarot, full of pentacles & major arcana

Looks like I’m going to get ample opportunities to work on my tanning this week.


I’ve gotten a bit bored with the cards lately… Doing daily readings  is good to start to get the meanings of some of the cards, particularly when they are prone to repeating themselves. Repetition makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that energetic trends don’t dissipate entirely & start completely anew on a 24-hour schedule. However all the optimism concerning career has yet to manifest. Bored!

Maybe I’ll change things up next time & do a different spread, like the Celtic Cross. That’s a really traditional one that uses 10 cards.


OK fuck it, I did did a Celtic Cross now out of curiosity, and it’s so good I’ve gotta take some notes. (Ya I’m just gonna zone out on cards & imagery this morning, but there are worse things to do.)

  1. Central Issue: Knight of Disks I’m not surprised this came up as the central life issue card, b/c it’s been a fairly frequent guest lately. In the first position: All knights serve a higher master in this world, independent of their spiritual learnings.  As such your purpose will be seen in the context of an older person’s or group’s purpose.
  2. What Crosses You: Queen of Disks This is one of my MOST frequent cards, not surprising either. [The Tarot suit of Pentacles at first glance clearly seems to be about money. Looking deeper, however, although money is part of what the Pentacles represent, in truth it is about prosperity, which goes far beyond money and one’s bank balance. The Pentacles are associated with the element of earth, and astrologically with the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.]In the second position: A family member or someone you can fall back on.  It can also suggest that you have very basic, healthy processes and instincts that serve you well.  You are in harmony with your surroundings and should have many a safe harbor if you need it.
  3. What Lies Below: IX The Hermit In the third position: The arrival of a guide or teacher.  Be prepared to meet yourself – for this can be one of your past lives.  In effect, you coming to guide yourself with this matter at hand.  Whatever the personification of the source of this message, this brings you closer to the belief system that is specifically correct to carry you forward on your path.  This is the dialect of the philosophical language of truth which will best suit you.
  4. What Lies Behind (past): XX Judgment In the fourth position: Your early emotional imprint on which you build even today is virtually utopian, but the realizable utopia of universal love (brought to the West by the Christ) and understanding (brought to the East by the Buddha). ??? Mmmm… I dunno about this one, but it’s in a past position anyways so…
  5. What Lies Above (possibilities):  3 of Disks  In the fifth position: You are planning now for growth in your Physical/material Plane – health, business, et al.  Perhaps taking a much more personal interest in your business or personal affairs – how to imporve the quality/quantity. Yup
  6. What Lies Before (future): 8 of Disks In the sixth position: With your involvement with your projects and your success, you must work even harder at how you interface with your loved ones and coworkers.  For as much as they share your dreams and back you – they cannot know all that you know and feel all that you feel.
  7. Yourself: XVI Temperance In the eighth position: You are having to temper your actions, saying and doing less (or more as the case may demand if you have been too passive).  Reconciliation may be underway.  Redistribution of material resources with high emotional content.
  8. Your Environment: 6 of Wands In the ninth position: Perhaps your heart has plans of which you are not yet aware.  It may wish for closer ties, much more interaction, with many more people than your extended self now embraces. Yes, yes!!! More interactions!!! Buddies!!!
  9. Hopes & Fears: 9 of Disks In the ninth position: You are energized by your fortunate circumstances and wish only to share you experiences and your pleasure with others. I AM an over sharer. I remember the days, though, when I was first blogging & filming yoga & people seemed to think it was gauche. Look at them now! 
  10. Outcome: X The Wheel of Fortune In the tenth position: One overhears as the gods speak to the gods.  There is an ineffable presence. WTF is that interpretation? I think it should be more clear & favorable.The Wheel of Fortune lets you see that emotionally – your strongest feelings are where you will find your talents.  Spiritually – to seek your fortune is to grow.  Mentally you must “risk” misfortune to grow and physically you are rewarded as your talents manifest themselves.  Look for new opportunities – change is exactly what you need.  Examine new ideas carefully before you discard them.  Exercise your strength and prepare to adapt to new and different circumstances.  Treat everything as an opportunity.  Do it with an optimistic mind, fearless heart and sense of service to the planet and this good karma brings success and rewards to all levels of life.  Innovative ideas will result from your past experiences – decisions will be made, luck prevails and destiny will work itself out positively, for you are growing toward wholeness and harmony.  First you get an idea, then you get fired up about doing it – you choose a suitable means to achieve it, you are required to go through the “blood, sweat and tears” of the process and finally – you see the results.  Maintain a steady pace – things are not always as they “seem” on the surface.  Keep planting the seeds you wish to reap – they will develop in time.  As your inner, mental images exteriorize – new situations and experiences must fit your existing “belief” structure.  New ideas cause change and you can change or alter your experiences by changing and altering your beliefs.  To prevent a “limiting” belief from creating reality – you must first become aware of it, so that you can change it according to the reality you want.  To change a physical effect – you must change your original belief and as your beliefs change so will your experiences.


Had to cut that one short actually

Was getting in a little of sun from when it got barely warm enough, and C and I are going to a cat circus show!



30 Minute HIIT: Full Body Home Workout

  1. Burpee
  2. Reverse Lunge Lift-Right Step way back with leg, knee almost on floor, then lift leg straight out in the back
  3. Reverse Lunge Lift-Left
  4. Table Lift-Right with band
  5. Table Lift-Left
  6. Burpee 8
  7. Knee Drop Plank
  8. Temple Tap Abs
  9. Plank Jack Pushup Lower to the floor when jumping the feet out.
  10. Heel Tap Abs Leg lift while tapping heels
  11. Burpee 10
  12. Overhead Tricep 20lbs
  13. Bicep Curl 30lbs
  14. Shoulder Press 40lbs
  15. Reverse Plank


(15/60) 7-min

  • Virasana, supta v, malasana
  • Paschimo, hanuman
  • block A

BodyRock Fat Burn Challenge – Day 10 abs

  1. V-abs left (with 3lb weight)
  2. V-abs right (with 3lb weight)
  3. Bent legs to one side, crunches R
  4. Straighten top leg & toe touch with opposite hand (holding 5-lbs) R
  5. Bent legs to one side, crunches L
  6. Straighten top leg & toe touch with opposite hand (holding 5-lbs) L
  7. Reverse fast down
  8. Reverse fast up
  9. Toe touch on the floor (L+R) with 10lbs
  10. V-up, reverse curl, legs lower straight & back up, repeat (on bench)
  11. Tuck abs (with 3lb weight)
  12. Pike (with 10lbs)

Then various timed poses