I may be onto something with the mix & match #workout

Writing some of my own sets, when I feel the need, is a good thing as well. And I’m happy I discovered this new YouTube channel! I don’t like her warmups & I prefer to do the working sets my own time, but the sets themselves are really challenging, and I like that feeling of hitting one body part mercilessly, over and over.

That’s the one thing about HIIT; you run the danger of always skimming the surface, because your working burn is so good. That’s one reason I was already alternating it with reps workout. The slightest change affects the workout so much! And setting your intention to go as quickly & continually as possible, as in these WOD / Crossfit style routines, makes things different as well.

Now I’ve got some rice in the rice maker & garlic greens waiting to roast. Shower time!



  • (15/30) Time = 13:30
  • I don’t usually warm up, but this style appears to beat me up a little more. My back is much better but my right wrist is sore! I wrote a warmup because suyras & fundamentals run longer than I wanted to spend on limbering up today.


  1. Down dog
  2. Updog or cobra
  3. Anjenayasana
  4. other side
  5. Hanuman
  6. Other side
  7. Ustrasana A, @ wall
  8. Ustrasana B
  9. Urdhva D, @ wall

AMBER WOD 2:RumFit Challenge: Butt, Triceps, HIIT, Saddlebags, Inner Thighs And Back

  • I part – body weight exercises Do all exercises in reverse pyramid – 50 reps, after that 40, 30, 20, 10 reps.
  • Time = 2:15-2:28

1. Switch lunge
2. Chaturanga in-out jumps This one’s a fucking killer (in a good way)! I couldn’t get through a set complete until I was on the 20s.
3. Russian kicks

Note: Do the lunges with the knee right above the floor. The elbows are near to the body in Chaturanga exercise. The strength comes from the abs in the abs kicks.

II part – with equipment

  • 2 rounds, time = 16min! 2:29-2:45 Slow, but I wasn’t following the video & forgot what exercises 2 & 4 were. Did an inner thigh lift. Also was using heavier weight than Rumi.

1. RIGHT side elevated renegade row – 10, 20lbs
2. LEFT leg raise from left side elevated side plank – 10
3. LEFT side elevated renegade row – 10, 20lbs
4. RIGHT leg raise from right side elevated side plank – 10
5. Abs diagonal arm-feet touch – 10 doubles Arms out in a T position, crossing hand to opp foot. Legs straight. L + R = 1 rep
6. LEFT leg side raise – 30 lay on the floor with 10lb weight on thigh
7. Torso raise – 10
8. Sumo squat + front lift – 10 20lbs
9. RIGHT leg side raise – 30

Rumi’s time
I part – 11 min
II part, 2 rounds – 10:40 min

my time
I part – 13 min
II part, 2 rounds – x min


About 25min deeply relaxing asana.


Author: Boodiba

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