mini #HIIT, #WOD & #asana #yoga

Slightly shorter than the usual. I have this somewhat neurotic fondness of going up to 90-minutes. It’s not that hard, with the easy yoga at the end. I might’ve been over training a bit though, which would be fine if it were working. But while it’s true that you can’t out train a bad diet, it’s also true that if you over eat because of some sense of entitlement due to over training, you’re not going to get anywhere (if you want to lose a little fat).


Warm-up HIIT

*Skipping (10/50) for a 10min set

  1. Speed Skater
  2. Handstand
  3. Knee-in & Switch Lunge
  4. Pivot & Punch Out (10lbs)
  5. Jumping Jacks, swinging arms out & up / forward & up

Lady D WOD 4:RumFit Challenge: At Home Workout With No Equipment – Arms, Abs, Booty Toning

I part – body weight exercises

  • Rumi’s time = 17:17 min. My time = 28:10
  • I usually do these the day after viewing the video clip & making notes so that does slow down my time. I have to look at the list & remember the exercise.

60 deep squat hips below knees
50 RIGHT leg side-back raise bent over with hands on the ground, 50 side then 50 back
40 high knees bench tap tap hope chest, L+R=1
30 LEFT leg single leg hip thrust shoulders on hope chest, hands hanging onto back. Right leg bent, foot on floor, left leg straight. This felt awkward, probably because my hope chest is too wide for the move. I’d change this to the hip thrusts on the floor (aka Bender style) next time.
20 diamond push up legs jump out when you go down
10 high knees (4) + jumping jacks (4)
20 diamond push up Two of these sets so close together is pretty brutal! (in a good way)
30 RIGHT leg single leg hip thrust
40 high knees new style
50 LEFT leg side-back raise
60 deep squat

II part – with equipment, correction part

  • Rumi’s time = 8 min. My time =11:38

30 ALT renegade row, 20lbs
20 V sit + flip over + knee tuck Plank, tuck knee, go down, roll over & pike up, roll over & push up
10 torso raise
20 V sit + flip over + knee tuck This move is surprisingly challenging, doing so many of them, with only the short torso raise in between. 
30 ALT renegade row


1min except where otherwise noted

  • 5min sirsasana
  • bhujangasana
  • 3min sarvanda
  • hala
  • karna pidasana
  • baddha kona A
  • upavistha kona
  • reclined twist
  • savasana


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

2 thoughts on “mini #HIIT, #WOD & #asana #yoga”

    1. I’m glad you liked it!! It was one of my favorite new recipes. I’m getting much better at cooking vegan, though sometimes I still have fails when I try to wing it TOO much 🙂


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