King of Disks, 8 of Disks, 5 of Swords

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Card 1, within: King of Disks

Keywords: Master of life, living, physical existence, joviality, temptation (and not resisting), laughter, pranks, living the the moment, earthiness, virility, lust, animal nature, risk taking. Eat the forbidden fruit with relish.

Introduction: The Knight of Pentacles points to messages, often with regard to money and finance. You are likely to finally receive news that you’ve been waiting on, and this news is likely to be good. This Knight is a very practical card. The news in question is unlikely to be that you’ve won the lottery.

General: The Knight tells us to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. A wise man once said,  “Take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place.” The Knight of  Pentacles asks you to look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence.

Questions to Answer:

  1. How are you using your ability to manage your material affairs?
  2. Who is trustworthy yet stubborn?
  3. How are you being practical and down-to-earth or who do you know that is?

Card 2, without: 8 of Disks

Eight of Pentacles wants you to allow yourself to experience your prudence and wisdom – your training has brought both discipline and skill.  You have strong characteristics – prepare for your future – continue to study and learn your trade, skill or profession.  You may not be receiving much monetary gain at this time but you are definitely on the right track.  Continue to develop your abilities and refine your skills.  Remain dedicated to your personal goal – it may seem far off, but you should continue to establish your power and use it wisely.  Always keep your goal in focus – work on it even when it seems tedious.

General: : The 8 of Pentacles in general points to necessary efforts. You will have a lot on your plate that you must accomplish. Dedication to the tasks at hand is important (and admirable,) but working for its own sake can be counterproductive. Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Strive for balance. No one can or should work all the time.

Work: If you are seeking employment, this card can indicate that you will be hired into a new position that tests your skills and is demanding. Have faith in yourself, that you can do what is needed to be successful in the position.

Questions to Answer: What are you working on or preparing ahead of time?

  1. What skill or craft are you learning?
  2. What details do you need to examine and take care of?
  3. How can you create a regular time and place to work?
  4. What preparations do you need to make?
  5. What are you doing to take care of your health and well – being?

Card 3, advice: 5 of Swords

Five of Swords says you are experiencing difficulty in communicating your ideas to others – see how your mind creates doubt and pessimism which fragments your thinking.  Decisions become difficult, bringing confusion and doubt as you experience memories of defeat, conflict and loss.

Questions to Answer:

  1. Do you expect to get “stung” in this situation?
  2. What are you afraid of? Running out of money completely. Going blind.
  3. What is causing division in the solidarity of your group?
  4. Why don’t you feel good about what you are doing? I used to be paid well for professional, creative work, that’s why.
  5. What do you need in order to feel good? In terms of the present situation: A regular work schedule. Not being asked to pick up last minute shifts all the time or having the threat of hours cut after I get myself down there. For the long term of course I really need creative work I can do remotely.
  6. What would be the ethical thing to do? The practical thing would be to get a job at the Raleigh Hills, New Seasons, where at least I’d get a discount on something useful to me, groceries. I’m trying…

Introduction: When the 5 of Swords appears, you are likely to find yourself with some mixed feelings about life in general and about a few people in particular. Don’t ignore these, but don’t feel like you have to speak every word you’re thinking and feeling either. Think several times before you really let someone have it even if they deserve it. Pick your battles.

Work: In the context of work, the 5 can show that you may be your own worst enemy. Don’t expect the entire system to be changed just because you believe it should be different. How you speak your mind is as important as what you say. There may be some unfairness at play in your work world. Be sure that your behavior is impeccable.

For now, forget the long – range plan.  Use one interim plan after another.  Concentrate on the short term.

Keywords: Work through the pain and suffering, depression. Strategy, discipline. Resolve conflicts with reason and intelligence.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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