#HIIT with skipping & legs, #asana #yoga

I wrote a great HIIT but the yoga was only so-so. I should’ve probably done suryas and standing somewhere in there. Meanwhile C has been working all day on the vegan chili. I’d found the recipe awhile back & said I was gonna make it, but the idea of cooking for a large group of people put me off, I guess. Plus because Wednesdays & Fridays are the most annoying days for me to get to my retail gig, that’s when I’m normally scheduled & this is a super labor intensive dish. I’m impressed with the amount of effort he’s willing to put into it! He went out for the ingredients in the morning & has been busy since.

Funny but after that super intense heat wave, PDX has remained steadfastly chilly. We have some days in the 80s coming up, which means the area I exercise should be at least 70. I’ll try doing more of a vinyasa practice again some time soon.


30min HIIT, Skipping & Squats, my routine

  • (10/50) with Skipping
  1. Squat narrow, 40lbs, A
  2. Squat narrow, 40lbs, B
  3. Squat wide, 40lbs, A
  4. Squat wide, 40lbs, B
  5. Elevated side plank, bottom leg lifting
  6. Other side
  7. Elevated side plank, bottom leg lifting
  8. Other side
  9. Floor side plank, top leg lifting
  10. Other side
  11. Floor side plank, top leg lifting
  12. Other side
  13. Single leg squat, 35lbs, right
  14. Single leg squat, 35lbs, left
  15. Wall sit

Asana (and exercise & stretching goals)

I read something recently where some teacher & blogger described “asana” as that which you do chiefly for the sport value, you know, the poses of social media and attainment. The author believed that people who advertise their classes as “asana” mean that they are workout oriented mainly. Even though my main goal in practicing any form of stretching is mainly to keep steady in the flexibility part of the trifecta / tristhana of fitness (with strength & endurance being the other two legs), the reason I call the yoga part “asana” interchangeably with “yoga” is that my ashtanga background means I’m very used to Sanskrit terms. Except for handstand, updog & downdog of course! No one’s gonna use a sentence when they can use a word. This is the age of communicating in emoticons after all.

  • Back bending intervals in (15/30) for a 22:30minute set. A lot of this is resting too!
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Drop backs – 5
  • Ticks – 1
  • Finishing, sarvangasana to 5min sirsasana
  • Bhujangasana 1min
  • Marichyasana A 1min
  • Eka Pada Sirsasana 1min
  • Yoganidrasana, 1min each side
  • Parighasana (ballet lets) 1min each side


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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