30-min #HIIT & 60-min #yoga #asana

Was ok. It’s so cold & dark in PDX today though…


Half hour HIIT, based on:

30 Day Challenge: Day 15

  • I did (10/50) for all with skipping for a 30-min (rather than 20-min) set. Also had to add a move. I chose swings with the 35lb kettle bell I inherited from C’s friend who moved away. It was quite a jump up when I was used to 20lbs, and that was what spiked my heart rate up to 175 during Sunday’s workout.
  1. Pendulum Hop Hands on floor. Moving quickly hop from one foot to the other while kicking out to the side
  2. Frog Hopper
  3. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right) 20lbs
  4. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
  5. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  6. Plank Jack
  7. Rockette Kicks Jumping between alt kicks
  8. Speed Skater
  9. Double Kick Lunge Jump Lunge back & kick forward, lunge back & kick sideways, replace foot in lunge & then switch lunge to alt side.
  10. Leg Lift Plank forearm
  11. Plie Jump
  12. Mountain Climber
  13. Side Lunge Lift (right) Lunge way out to the side & low, lift extended leg, come up & return.
  14. Side Lunge Lift (left)
  15. Swings 35lbs (38 swings & 179 heart rate at end of this 50-second interval)



  • Suryas and fundamentals, all hand standy, but not primary poses this time. Had to keep the internal heat up in such a cold room.
  • (15/30) intervals = 18-min
  • Finishing
  1. Pinca Mayurasana
  2. Hanuman upright, R
  3. Hanuman backbend, R 
  4. Hanuman upright, L
  5. Hanuman backbend, L
  6. Standing arch A
  7. Forward bend
  8. Stanging arch B
  9. Forward bend
  10. Standing arch C
  11. Uttana
  12. Standing arch C
  13. Seated moving twist
  14. Standing arch D
  15. Uttana
  16. Standing arch D
  17. Marchyasana C
  18. Other side
  19. Urdhva @ wall 1
  20. Rest
  21. Urdhva @ wall 2
  22. Rest
  23. Urdhva @ wall 3
  24. Rest
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Drop backs – 3
  • Ticks – 3
  • Finishing poses & 2min savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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