Long #workout 2day! 30min skipping #HIIT & 1hr20min #ashtanga #yoga


Decided to repeat Monday’s HIIT again cause I’d had a good time doing it (1) and because it’s still necessary to get a good skipping set in to get my tapas going & generate a good heartrate and sweat.

Full Body Cardio Sculpt Workout 

  • (10/50) with skipping for a 30-min set
  1. Sumo Pushup
  2. Down Dog Hop-Right Plank, by wall, pull knee in to touch arm, same side, then swing back into 3-leg dog.& swing up near handstand
  3. Down Dog Hop-Left
  4. Side Plank Hip Lift-Right
  5. Side Plank Hip Lift-Left
  6. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Right Low lunge, then lift up back leg (and maybe hands) to warrior 3 (but don’t extend arms)
  7. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left
  8. Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation-Right Standing, with support. Lift leg out to the side and then rotate out so toe point at ceiling.
  9. Balanced Leg Abduction with Rotation-Left
  10. Standing Frog Hop Jumping jacks legs, touching floor in front of you with fingertips.
  11. Dips
  12. Decline Shoulder Tap Pushup Pushup & tap each shoulder w/ opp hand.
  13. Swings, 35lbs
  14. Tricep Kickbacks with pulse 20lbs
  15. Reclined Tricep 20lbs

Yoga Asana

  • My suryas & standing fundamentals
  • My primary
  • 3 backbends @ wall (15/30)
  • Urdhva D to stand, dropbacks 3 or 5
  • Finishing

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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