Thoughts on over-exercising & #HIIT

Interesting thoughts for a rest day! As per the Batcave, I’m taking a ladies holiday but mainly for reasons of lack of sleep. But also, even though I took a break from skipping yesterday, I ended up working out really hard & my legs were super sore in the evening, to the point where I didn’t want to let Henry walk down the hill because then I’d have to come back up. It’s a good point for a rest day.

I am an over exerciser for sure, but I’m a hell of a lot older than this woman and I never, ever got a back injury that forced me to take three months off, not even getting over adjusted & seriously tweaked out in Miami, October 2012.

Now she says she wouldn’t recommend HIIT five days a week long term. I guess I’m at about two years of a lot of HIIT, but ya… If I’m holding steady things are fine. My back is a lot healthier now. I can tell in the finishing poses. It’s healthier than it was before I got to Miami. I was still dealing with the lingering aftermath of a neck tweak from practicing Ganda Bherundasana angrily.

So what I’m saying is that for me, a lot of regular, 90% exertion level HIIT is better for me physically than intermediate or advanced ashtanga was. (Things might’ve been different if I hadn’t stopped cross-training during the run of ashtanga obsession, but there’s only so much time in a day.)

Got some work done & I got some sun when it wasn’t so hot outside so we’re all good. I’m actually in the office with the AC running too. Was hard to get the screen out & the vent attachment hooked up though. Imma leave this shizz assembled for the next few days that it’s in the 80s.


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