Upper body #reps & #yoga #inversions

1/2 a workout is better than none I guess!

Maybe I really took to heart that video on over training that I posted a few days ago? I’ve also been teetering into exercise boredom a lot these days, and while a new set of dumbbells is nice, it’s not that exciting.

So I’m trying to work out an upper body routine for myself that I could do semi-regularly for maybe a few weeks. I started out basing one on a Bender routine & adding a lot of held inversions. Maybe this’d be good with skipping… Dunno. I didn’t want to skip today but I didn’t want to do ashtanga either. That’s what it boils down to

Ah the burn, or lack thereof in today’s case. It’s all ok tho. We’ll all be dead in a minute.

Based on:

Arm and Leg Sculpt, w/ Yoga Asana

  • Reps = as many as I can until the last 2 are really difficult on the 1st side.
  • Time = 48:14. This was pretty tedious without cardio, not gonna lie.
  1. Frog Hops, @ wall, 1min +prep (10/60)
  2. Curl (right), 15lbs Standing hammer curl to full extension & tricep squeeze. reps = 20
  3. Handstand, @ wall, 1min +prep (10/60)
  4. Curl (left) reps = 20
  5. Pinca Mayurasana, middle of the room, 1min +prep (10/60)
  6. Plank Row (L/R), 20lbs reps = 10/10
  7. Headstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  8. Plank Row(L/R), 20lbs reps = 10/10
  9. Handstand, @ wall, 1min +prep (15/60)
  10. Tricep Extension,  Standing, slightly bent over, holding single 20lb dumbbell, reps = 20
  11. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (10/60)
  12. Squat and Press, 30lbs. Deep squat with weights resting on shoulder. Hands face inward. reps = 20
  13. Headstand, with backbend, 1min +prep (10/60)
  14. Deadlift, 40lbs, reps =20
  15. Handstand , 1min +prep (15/60)
  16. Squat, 40lbs, reps = 20
  17. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (10/60)
  18. Warrior Deadlift (right), (L/R), 30lbs reps = 10/10
  19. Headstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  20. Warrior Deadlift (L/R), 30lbs reps = 10/10
  21. Handstand, 1min +prep (10/60)
  22. Side Lunge (right), 30lbs on shoulders. Step way out to the side & sink into deep lunge, then return. reps = 20
  23. Pinca Mayurasana, 1min +prep (15/60)
  24. Side Lunge (left) reps = 20

Easy asana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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