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My legs are still so sore! (Must’ve been the 60 deadlifts.) Even though I burned hardly anything, last workout on Thurs, I’ve been really feeling it in my hamstrings, all day yesterday & still this morning. I could barely freaking skip, especially at the beginning. Tons of screw ups. The great thing at jumping rope is that it really works at conditioning no matter how much you suck at it (so long as you keep going).

And this really proves I should try to loosen the grip of the obsession with the “burn”. I should do more yoga too…



  • 1 round: with skipping for a 30min set
  1. Clean & Press, 40lbs
  2. Dive Bombers
  3. Scissor Leg Lifts, 10lbs, moving fast, doing pike ab lift
  4. Goblet Squat
  5. Step-ups, 20lbs
  6. Reverse Planks Leg Lifts
  7. Dips
  8. Side Plank Leg Lift, holding 10lb weight on thigh
  9. Side Plank Leg Lift
  10. Squat Jumps
  11. Swimmers, Rumi style
  12. Wide pushups / Tricep pushups
  13. Temple Tap Abs
  14. Swings, 35lbs
  15. Surfer Burpees


  • Super slow suryas & fundamentals
  • (15/40) asana intervals
  1. Paschimo
  2. Hanuman
  3. Other side
  4. Standing arch A
  5. forward bend
  6. Standing arch B
  7. forward bend
  8. Standing arch C
  9. Uttanasana
  10. Standing arch C
  11. Seated moving twist
  12. Standing arch D
  13. Utana
  14. Standing arch D
  15. Block A
  16. Block B
  17. Urdhva D
  18. Pinca mayurasana
  19. Upavista konasana
  20. Parighasana
  21. other side
  22. Baddha konasana A
  23. Pinca mayurasana
  24. Sirsasana
  • Finishing to matsyasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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