#Hiking ideas?

OK now back to work. I’m on the illustration again today. I always feel better when I’m working! (And exercising. And meditation is awesome too, when I’m in that mode, which I haven’t been lately.)

Big Lava Bed

I kinda want to see The Big Lava Bed… Could I do a 13-mile hike? If I were prepared for it, totally. This one is rated moderate in difficulty. We were near there last weekend but all the roads around it are dirt, and so we were in the wrong car. Am looking for a map of the 13-mile hike. iPhones don’t work reliably in the mountains and it seems like we never know where we’re going up there, lol. I’ve poked around on the internet, but all the hiking map sites want a subscription. May do a trial thing but set up an alert in my iCal so I cancel it in 13 days.

painted hills
The Painted Hills

Also I saw Painted Hills on Instagram & it looks totally awesome, but it’s a 4.5 hour drive away. That’s totally an overnight trip. The trailhead of Big Lava Bed is about 2 hours. I guess if you’re spending 4 hours driving and however long hiking 13 miles, you might want to spend the night someplace close too…

ice caves
Ice Caves

There’s also The Ice Caves, but that sounds a little claustrophobic… not my first choice. Makes me think of the campy horror movie about a group of female hikers that go caving & picked off by these albino cave human / monsters one by one.

Author: Boodiba

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