Sucky #ashtanga #yoga practice

I should really know by now that vinyasa without any significant warmup before isn’t a good idea at all, if I want to enjoy myself. This took almost 2 hours. I should add at least a 10-min jumprope only HIIT warmup before if I do this again anytime soon.

I thought it might be ok today because 1) I started practice at like 2pm and 2) it’s also warmer inside than it has been. Nope! An active stroll, with some terrain variation, is usually 120-135 with me. My average during today’s yoga was 101, lol. That means most of it was an active rest.



Personalized Ashtanga

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Primary, Linda style
  • Second to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK Got “The Reaction” after EPRK so it was probably a bad idea to do with such a low heart rate going.

Intervals (10/30) Time 4:00

  • Could try to up the working interval t0 35 next time & possibly repeat #7.
  1. Kapo Hang 1, more upright, hands in prayer at chest & then overhead
  2. Rest
  3. Kapo Hang 2, holding 3lb weight & extending arms as much as is comfortable
  4. Rest
  5. Kapo Hang 3, arms overhead, start to descend toward the floor & hold as close to floor as is comfortable
  6. Rest
  7. Kapo B, lower hands to floor, walk in a bit & straight arms as much as is comfortable
  8. Supta Virasana

Backbending & Finishing

  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Dropbacks – 5
  • Ticks – 1
  • Finishing
  • Savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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