4 rounds #HIIT and then easy #yoga #asana


15 Minute Cardio HIIT All Over Fat Burn Workout & Thigh Sculpt

  • 4 rounds (10/50) with 1min rest in between. Time was 1:04 vs the 1:03 it’d be uninterrupted, but I had to pause in the 4th set to go find & sequester Henry so the piano guy could leave, lol. (He hadda leave the front door open a bit to get all the parts out.) This was a hard run! The other thing is that I did it entirely without music because I wasn’t sure if that’d interfere with his work. I should’ve been filming real time!!!
  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Burpee
  3. Switch Lunge
  4. Frog Hopper
  5. Low Jack Hop
  6. Sit to stand & hop-Right
  7. Sit to stand & hop-Left
  8. Pushup Jack
  9. Squat Jump
  10. Russian Kick
  11. High Knees
  12. Mountain Burpee 3 hopping mountain climbers, then hop up.
  13. Lunge Hop-Right Step back into a deep lunge, then lift knee & hop. 2nd & 4th round changed to stationary hop.
  14. Lunge Hop-Left
  15. Touch Tuck Jump Squat & touch floor w/ fingertips then tuck jump.


  • About 25min easy, timed poses. Some back bending would’ve been good but I just wanted to take it easy after four rounds of HIIT.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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