#HIIT with #jumprope & #ashtanga #yoga

Even when I’m not that busy I have been dropping to a 4x per week schedule this summer, which is fine. I’m not trying to “get anywhere” or achieve anything besides maintenance of overall fitness: strength, endurance and flexibility.


Thoughts on Home Practice

I will say that I am looking forward to the yoga a lot lately. When I only practice the (for the most part) “easy” poses, and I do them after a cardio HIIT, it’s the “relaxing part at the end”, even if it’s 2/3rds the total routine. I know I congratulate myself a lot on finding something that works so well for me, but seriously… A lot of people who become (quite understandably) disenchanted with the ashtanga “scene” end up dropping it entirely. I brought this up over Wednesday’s lunch.

I knew people in NYC who went through the entire course of a considerable mysore style “career” without ever developing a home practice. I’m thinking of Katie here, who practiced for 11 years, before chronic injury & (inevitable) discord with Fucknut finally drove her to quit the studios. I haven’t talked to her in a few years, but the last time I did she was quite happy just working out & said she was in better shape than she’d ever been before doing just the yoga. She’d also never done complete yoga practices at home. Why?

Maybe part of it is the cost. I was paying $240 a month for yoga ten years ago. You can bet your ass I’d try to get my money’s worth and the energy of the room and teacher whenever humanly possible. It was only when the studios started getting further and further away I started regularly practicing at home at least some of the time.

I still wonder why Astanga disappeared from the gyms in NYC, sometime in the 2000s.

Core & More Cardio Workout

  • (10/50) skipping, 30min set
  • This was a very moderate set, with all the plank & core work, but the sweat was stll dripping off my face 2/3rds of the way in. If I do a full, solo ashtanga I don’t even work up a sheen, lol.
  1. Burpee
  2. Shoulder Tap Plank with Arm Extension (right) 1-arm plank. Touch opp shoulder & then extend arm straight forward. Hold 5lb weight?
  3. Shoulder Tap Plank with Arm Extension (left)
  4. Swaying Boat Pose C-sit, bent legs, palms together w/ arms extended. Rock knees from left to right with control.
  5. Pop-Up On hands and toes, rather than knees. Jump forward to a squat & then return.
  6. Temple Tap Abs
  7. 3-Way Knee Plank (right) Knee comes across to opp arm, center & then same side arm.
  8. 3-Way Knee Plank (left)
  9. Table Knee Tap Table top, press hips UP. Then pick up one knee & touch with opp hand. Alt sides.
  10. Mountain Climber
  11. Reverse Curl / V-abs
  12. Knee Cross Plank to Side Plank (right) Keeping top foot raised if possible?
  13. Knee Cross Plank to Side Plank (left)
  14. Toe Tap Crunch 3lb weight bet feet
  15. Burpee / Tuck Jump


Same as Wed except I got a tick in.

  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • Marichy C and D
  • Pashasana to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK, Kapo B
  • Drop backs – 3
  • Ticks – 1 I’d been hoping to do 3, because it’s been awhile, but naturally C came home JUST as I was setting up for the first one. Suddenly there’s a person walking back & forth in the room, past & behind my mat, and a dog. Gah! One thing I miss about having my own living space is having my own work space, but I’m lucky to be in a situation where I can work out at all. This I realize. So it took me a few tries to stick Tick #1 and I moved on.

    Maybe tomorrow. I’m in the mood for more HIIT & yoga intervals. I can fit some ticks in there. Hopefully they’ll happen during a low room traffic moment.

  • Finishing



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