Page of Cups, Knight of Disks, Knight of Wands #tarot

Simple 3-card spread for a “reading of the day”. I have to do some boring office work that I’m famous for putting off and off and off. I cannot just move it to another position in iCal! But I’m not due to start in the office until 9am :).

My interview went well yesterday. Since I’m the last person she met with I should hear from her soon. I’m grateful there are some possibilities brewing. I’m not sure what the outcome will be but there is movement.

Meditation is hard but SO good for the mindbody.

I haven’t been making “daily” but I managed a 22min sit right after the cards. And now it’s really time to get to work!


Card 1, self: Page of Cups

Last seen in this same position on June 11th, 4th & on May 29th.

Initiators of heart.

Questions to Answer:

  1. Who depends on you emotionally?
  2. What does your intuition say to do?
  3. How can you serve others?
  4. Who offers unqualified, non-judgmental love?

Introduction: When the Page of Cups appears, it’s a signal to allow the childlike side of yourself to come forward. Like most of the Cups suit, the Page is an uplifting and encouraging sign to receive in a tarot reading. It also can indicate that someone – likely someone who is younger than you, is coming your way before long with a message for you.

General: In general, this card shows a need to play, to dream, to have a little fun. When this card appears, it sometimes means that you’ve been taking yourself far too seriously. Margot Fonteyn said “The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.” Know the difference.

Work: Even if things have been lousy in your job for the last ten years, the appearance of this card shows that there is cause for hope and positive anticipation. No matter who you are, you have professional options. Life can change on a dime, and sometimes those changes are positive. If you’re unhappy in your current work, know that you hold the key to changing it.

This is the card of getting to know the familiarity of love all over again.

Card 2, environment: Knight of Disks

Last seen on June 22nd, 1st & May 27 in the 1st position.

On a quest for what is physical.

Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

Keywords: Don’t look outside for the answer to the problem, look inside to find peace. You already have everything you are looking for. Look in your own home. Do not have doubt in yourself, you are made for this and already have all the tools.

Introduction: The Knight of Pentacles points to messages, often with regard to money and finance. You are likely to finally receive news that you’ve been waiting on, and this news is likely to be good. This Knight is a very practical card. The news in question is unlikely to be that you’ve won the lottery.

General: The Knight tells us to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. A wise man once said,  “Take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place.” The Knight of  Pentacles asks you to look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence.

Questions to Answer:

  1. Who is stable and reliably there for you?
  2. Who is committed to security and conventions?
  3. How is it going at work or on a project?
  4. What needs of your body or Mother Earth are you sensitive to?

Card 3, possibilities: Knight of Wands

Last seen June 22nd in the 1st position, June 16 & May 29th in the 2nd position.

Introduction: When the Knight of Wands appears, this is a great time for travel if you can manage to get away. You should be feeling charged up, full of energy, and ready to get things done. Your self-confidence is likely to be increasing and this should help you toward your goals. It is the card of sudden solutions arriving in a flurry of inspiration.

On a quest for spirit.

Questions to Answer:

  1. How are you growing and developing? How are you taking risks?
  2. Who is radiating creative or sexual energy in your life?
  3. Who enthusiastically wants to get going on something?

General: Knights are often message bearers, and in the Wands suit, the messages are likely to be positive and related to work or career. Your projects are likely to be/have been more successful than you would have expected or predicted. You have a lot of reasons to feel pride. Savor it.

In the third position: Think well on this card for it is coming to you in one form or another.  This is the extra manpower, the added energy, the new resources, the movement that you have needed.  This increases your spiritual knowledge and your ability to retrieve and use it.

Keywords: The quest and search for power and energy, the holy flame, though not necessarily with the maturity to use it responsibly. The goal is to transform the holy flame into something constructive rather than destructive. Dark, mysterious, solitary, dramatic, shamanistic, passionate and intense.

Knight of Wands says the dynamic mastery of unlimited creative expression totally inspired from within – freed to powerfully express itself.  You are capable of doing anything – never limit yourself.  Be versatile and adaptable – strive for greater mastery over your mind, heart and body.

Expect someone to present thoughts or ideas which will be advantageous to you – inspiring your creativity and taking you in new directions.  This is the start or finish of an important situation which may require a possible change of residence.  You will feel compelled to make sudden decisions related to the important aspects of your living and working conditions – to move in new directions, to create a new beginning or venture into new fields.  Thoughts are now stirring.  You have the power to influence and transform, to heal – liberate your spirit.  As a channel for the great spirit, you become enlightened and an enlightener – transcend your personal ego.

Eagerness, action, movement, adventure and travel need a grounding influence.  Allied with a sense of purpose and aided by the influence of planning – you can provide the energy and self – confidence necessary for great achievements.  Focus your mind now – concentrate, pay attention to the details if you wish to manifest your desires.  The trials and difficulties will demand vigorous attention – conflict can arise if your plans are not made carefully.  Your mind is positive and alert now, use it constructively.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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