Nice & moderate, #HIIT and #yoga


First thing I thought when I saw my stats? I should’ve jogged in place for a half a minute to crack 500, lol. But anyway, a workout that’s roughly balanced between the fitness & fat burn zones feels moderate to me. I was in the mood for that. I was a little sore from yesterday and definitely not in the mood for jump rope.


Boot Camp HIIT: 38-Minute No Equipment Full Body Workout

  • Done along with video, high knees for cardio. Love this set. It’s at least the 2nd time I’ve done it, maybe the 3rd.
  1. Sumo Squat
  2. Squat Kick
  3. Alternating Warrior
  4. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  5. Hip Thrust-Right
  6. Hip Thrust-Left
  7. Pelvic Tilt Wall Sit (or Heel Tap Abs)
  8. Heel Slide Abs
  9. Crunch & Tap
  10. Table Kick-Right
  11. Table Kick-Left
  12. X-Jump
  13. Sumo Pushup
  14. Walk the Plank
  15. Chatarunga Pushup
  16. Side V-Up-Right
  17. Side V-Up-Left
  18. V-up Abs
  19. Static Lunge Hop-Right
  20. Static Lunge Hop-Left
  21. Burpee
  22. Side Plank-Right
  23. Side Plank-Left
  24. Sumo Squat Twist
  25. Jump Squat


  • Suryas & fundamentals, not using the wall & doing handstands except for after warriors I and II.
  • Dandasana & paschimo, then the 4 marichys & parighasana, no vinyasa.
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • 3 drop backs
  • (10/60) Sarvangasan, halasana, karna pidasana, sirsasana, savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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