Early evening #ashtanga #yoga, #primary+

[EDIT UPDATE] I’d repeated an image & missed the burn!



I practiced upstairs, in my little office again, to take advantage of the privacy and the heat. I almost didn’t make it to the mat! I’d wanted to do some HIIT before, but my feet and legs were so sore from yesterday! I’m fit but I’m adapted to other things besides six hours of repetitive motion. I don’t know how runners manage. Being a self-defined ashtangi was bad enough. Thank god I got out without mangling myself too badly.

104! I consider this a restorative

So I did my usual except I only omitted 3 of the 4 poses of primary I usually skip, for being superfluous and not at all beneficial compared to the bits of 2nd I do. I did janu sirsasana C today, to help the feets.

I also did 3 ticks, for the first time in awhile, despite a shortage of space in the front-to-back, vertical direction. It felt good to stretch out my shoulders in that way. I should do 3 every time, really.


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