Right! The only thing to do is get cracking early tomorrow, post haste

First the proofing of content, then the formatting & programming of 7 new buttons. I cut it down from 8 because one was redundant. Gotta zap that off to Anja, but there may be 2 versions as well… Only one of those would be geared toward this potentially awesome opportunity.

I can get sucked down the rabbit hole when doing this type of design so I have to be careful. What I’d thought would be 3 hours ends up being a couple days, most of the day. I’m getting somewhere though!

I’ve also been gathering reference of what they’re doing. Fabulous, painterly prints! I know that I need to schedule some time to pluck some leaves and flowers and draw. I don’t have the set-up to work big. I can only draw as large as will fit in an 8×10 scanner. So I’ll do individual elements, cut clipping paths and then layer in Photoshop.

I have to set a limit on graphic design dithering and surface design planning however, because I’ve gotta get the initial washes down on the last two goddesses. Then they get put away for at least a day. I have to post #s 13 and 14 all over the place too, no more than one per day but it goes to at least five platforms.

What else? More InDesign. I need to know more of what it can do. A lot of what I’d used ten years ago came back immediately, when I started using it again last year. I have learned SO MUCH in the last couple years. I mean my skillset engagement got a freaking electroshock.

Also my knowledge of [what will be revealed when I write that chapter]. Wow! I’ll make SURE I never participate to the extent of passing any of that shit along.

GOD/S I hate that walk #DoschRd #PDX

It so much reminds me of walking along the sidewalk less, often ditch-lined streets in Anjuna, Goa India. You’re so often treated to that “taking your life in your own hands” feeling. You’ve gotta pay attention! That’s for sure. It’s a very tangible way to practice staying “present”.

Thankfully Charlie alway picks me up later 🙏

Portland often felt like India to me in the first year. I can’t explain how, right now, but it did. I guess it could be summed up as a viscerally transformative feeling.

Google maps says the walk is 22min, but it always takes me closer to 30 that feel like 45. Today I had to pass some roadwork, where the two skinny, windy lanes were reduced to one, with people standing & holding the big orange flags at either end. As I approached from the left I thought, How do I get through this mess? The work was on my side & there didn’t seem to be an easy way through so I trotted to the right side of the street & hustled by.

The burly flag holder at the other end looked at me sympathetically & said, I used to live out on Drummond(?) Road & had to do a walk like this ALL the time. 

I responded with I hate this walk. 

But I survived. On the bus now.

#HIIT and #ashtanga #yoga (NOT “in the tradition”)

I can’t seem to get to exercising until early evening lately! After coffee I go upstairs to “pop in me eyeballs” and immediately get sucked into the laptop. I blame it on the resume formatting. It happened twice today, where I made the mistake of looking at it right before I was supposed to be getting to something else. I guess it doesn’t matter. I got everything done!



  • 20-min set. I wrote this one lying out in the sun earlier.
  • (10/50) Alt skipping with knee-in & switch lunges for cardio.
  • 155
  1. Squat, feet narrow – 30lbs
  2. Squat, feet wider – 30lbs
  3. Plié squat – 30lbs
  4. Hip thrust – 1st side
  5. Hip thrust – 2nd side
  6. Reverse plank step outs, alt sides
  7. Side plank leg lift – 5lbs
  8. Other side
  9. Alt pistol squats
  10. Alt front & side lift – 20lbs?


  • Suryas to fundamentals, only 2 handstands @ the end
  • 2nd to Laghu Vajrasana, EPRK (Time = 1:03)
  • Kneeling back bending intervals: 6:40min
  1. Kapo hang 1
  2. rest
  3. Kapo hang 2
  4. rest
  5. Kapo hang 3
  6. rest
  7. Kapo B
  8. rest
  9. Kapo B
  10. rest
  • Urdhva D to stand
  • Drop backs – 3
  • Ticks – 1
  • Finishing
  • Total yoga time 65:30


After the success of my 1st vegan pizza, C made 2 for jam night & they were a success!

A group of at least five conformed omnivores ate & enjoyed. It makes a great breakfast cold too, right out of the fridge, just like “normal” pizza, or as I like to call it, “the tortured cow variety.”

The secret really is making your own vegan mozzarella. We used a store bought dough both times, btw. And a rolling pin to flatten & shape it. C was skeptical of this method first, but I was following the instructions on the package. Contrary to dire warnings it didn’t stick much at all. You only need to use a little flour. And if you spray the baking pan with a small bit of coconut oil it slides right off when cooked.

Accomplishments for the day so far:

  1. Finally got back in touch with my factory owner friend. I decided not to even try to price by the project. Since my overhead is so low, thanks to the generosity of my BF, I can afford to offer a low hourly rate, less than half what I’d get in NYC. 
  2. Got the missing W2 for my accountant. Had to contact Aquent for the log on info.
  3. Deposited my last check for the goddess illustrations. I’ll be working on inking those later today. I hope there’s a budget for borders because I love that client. She’s not vague. She’s got her own design sense and is a good communicator. I sent her my delivery update… 

Laying out in the sun right now. It’s a hard life! I’d have come out earlier but I was all, “Let me just look at my resume…” Even if the layout’s not 100% done in either version I’m going to print it out later to proof for content. 

Tried to Bikram-ize my #yoga practice a bit today #ashtanga

Active rest day

Primary+ but not any of the extras. Lately I get sidetracked with working and don’t get to my workout until the early evening. I decided to do it upstairs, in the sun puddle, where it was 81 degrees and I’d have privacy. Omitted the usual poses but also left out all of the hand standing but 2 at the end of the fundamentals and 1 tick at the end.

I sweat like a pig, in the unaccustomedly warm room, but my body wasn’t really fooled, into thinking it was exercising. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. Ashtanga is exercise in a group setting when you’re in the learning & striving curve. After that, not so much unless you’re doing full 3rd.

I needed a rest from the jumping though, and I also needed a stretch. It was good.



2 rounds #jumprope #HIIT & easy #yoga


HIIT Boot Camp: Body Weight Cardio

  • (10/50) with jumpropt for a 30min set
  1. Twisting Sumo Squat Squatting super low, feet hips width.
  2. Balanced Pendulum-Right Pick up right knee, squat & then leg raise to the side, squeezing thigh. Keep right foot off floor.
  3. Balanced Pendulum-Left
  4. Warrior III-Right Tapping floor between sides
  5. Warrior III-Left
  6. Shoulder Tap Pushup Push-up & then tap each opp shoulder, alternating start
  7. Spiderman Side Plank-Right Start in plank. Do spiderman & then side plank, lifting top leg.
  8. Spiderman Side Plank-Left
  9. Reclined Tricep, 20lbs I always change tricep push-ups because I feel like those use more of my core & with these two moves, I can always feel it in my triceps the next day.
  10. Tricep Kickback with Pulse, 20lbs
  11. Angel Abs
  12. Side V-Up-Right, 3lbs bet feet, BodyRock style
  13. Side V-Up-Left
  14. Rock the Boat
  15. Super Swim
  • More modified 2nd round
  1. Sit to Stand Right.
  2. Sit to Stand-Left
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Right, 30lbs
  4. WarriorDeadlift-Left
  5. Shoulder Tap Pushup 
  6. Clean & Press -40lbs
  7. Bicep Curl, wide, 30lbs 
  8. Hammer Curl 30lbs
  9. Straight Abs
  10. Oblique Crunch-Right
  11. Oblique Crunch-Left
  12. Swings, 35lbs
  13. Rock the Boat
  14. Super Swim
  15. Pike Abs, 10lbs

I’ve been obsessed with #buttons for two days! #InDesign #animate

Since I’m redesigning my resume & making myself an artful, interactive PDF from InDesign, I’m going for a bunch of things at once, getting more familiar with the web aspects of Indesign and making a file that would appeal to digital design geeks. This in spite of the fact that the real campaign coming up is for hand painted textiles. I’ll sell it all at once! I hope.

I spent like 4/5 hours yesterday torturing myself. I’d program just 2 actions per button but the sound action would NOT stick through a copy & paste of the objects. I added them to Object Styles, but no. Sometimes the links would vanish. And sound! I got the idea that I wanted a little click sound. Watched a tutorial & went through all the hell making a nav bar for 3 pages, only to find there is no way to hide the ugly sound file graphic that’ll show up on the PDFs and possibly when printed.

Then I did enough googling to come to the conclusion that there isn’t a great solution, and if you want sound in your InDesign buttons you better make them in another app. When I first explored web apps, just a little, Macromedia owned Flash & the button app was Fireworks. It was in Creative Cloud at first but you knew they were going to kill it and sure enough, I checked & it’s gone. I think Animate must be the button machine…

But I’m not allowed to screw around with that endlessly today. I have to get a draft of a printable resume done by Thursday, so I can zap it out Thursday, and I have other things to do. I owe at least one Illustration session to the ongoing project. I can’t believe I’m down to the last two goddesses! I might get some more work, doing borders and cropping, if there’s the budget for that.

I have to work on formatting my experience and skills… But that’s after 2 hours with my CIB (Classroom in a Book). I’ve had the InDesign one for a couple months now. First I worked my way through Muse. I should expert myself up some more though. I know Illustrator the best, followed closely by Photoshop. The goal is to get through the InDesign book and use Animate some more. I went through a CIB on Animate too…