About 55min #HIIT with #jumprope intervals & 35min easy #yoga

That felt good! I came back strong after my rest day. Needed it. Used it.


Started off with the Lisa / Bodyrock workout I’d found the other day, modified slightly to suit my needs.

Bodyrock 50min Live HIIT workout

(15/50) cardio: skipping.

Split into two, 18-min rounds w/ 1min rest in between.

Time = 40:00

  1. Clean & press, 30lbs. Tapping weights down beside your feet at the bottom, in a squat. Hammer curl it up.
  2. Pull-ups Put the abs at #14, just changing the order, keeping the hardest poses separate
  3. Lunge & Twist, 20lbs. Hold weight overhead. Step forward w/ alt legs & swing weight down & over front leg. Change next time: alt pistol squats, weighted step-ups or alt woodchopper
  4. Elevated push-ups
  5. Frogger, feet landing wide, 14.5?
  6. Hanging leg lifts from pull-up bar
  7. Squat & press, 40lbs
  8. Mountain climbers
  9. Upright row, 30lbs, 11
  1. Bicep curl, shoulder press, hammer curl down, 30lbs
  2. Swing (with squat), lift & turn to alt sides, 20lbs Alt front / side lift
  3. Standing twist, 15lbs, holding arms bent, turn to alt sides
  4. Swings, 35lbs
  5. Sliders
  6. Weighted Step-ups, 20lbs
  7. Tuck abs
  8. Competition burpee tuck jump 7.5
  9. Tricep dips


  • This set I did 10/50. I’d change it a bit next time, maybe tack on a good core set from the last Bootcamp.
  1. Leg lifts on bench, legs dipping as low as possible on the down
  2. Straight abs
  3. Obliques, lying on side with arm extended toward top foot
  4. other side
  5. Starfish abs
  6. Reverse curl, repeat, 5lbs
  7. Bicycle, lower back remaining on floor
  8. Swimmers (add two of these the next time)
  9. Straight abs repeat


  • Ad lib non vinyasa. I kicked it off with a 5min sirsasana which I filmed, because I started doing it in a new way & I want to take a look later.

The best feline sidekick, Bodyrock & rest days

Hmmm…. It’s such a cool, gray day after a long time of “relentless” (lol) sunshine. It’s been really nice actually, but an inward day is nice. The only thing is that Henry’s gotten used to over an hour outside. Yesterday he got more than two.

He was crazy frisky this morning while we were having coffee, running around and ambushing me regularly. Then C opened the door & Henry dashed out. He just went to the deck where he stopped and allowed me to scoop and scold. He looked smug, like he’d wanted to prove a point. (He also enjoys racing to the top of the stairs ahead of the humans.)

I definitely have to take him out later, especially as we’ve got a few days of rain forecast. There’s generally some time in the day to get out, but he’ll have less fun if everything’s wet.

I got all happy last night because I discovered that Lisa Marie IS putting out longer videos, on her own YouTube page, just like the old Real Time Challenge. Not sure why BodyRock has always had such clueless customer service. This has remained the same as they’ve grown. You never get the correct information! I was told by one that the only way to take part in the last Bootcamp was to purchase. This was after it’d already started & despite putting my name on the email list like 3x I’d never gotten a notice. Then I found a link to do a subscription trial and sampled 18 out of 19 workouts.

The last time I logged on a chat window popped up & was like “Let us know if you’ve got any questions!” Just for fun I asked if they were ever going to do longer real-time workouts again, like the old RTC. I went back to what I was doing and a few hours later I double checked and the agent never responded, not in three hours. It’s not like I’d asked for the nuclear launch codes!

Then last night I happen to see a suggested workout video in my YouTube and I go to Lisa’s page and find a bunch of current, longer real times! Since she’s the main star and her YouTube is obviously affiliated – the company name comes before hers on her own channel –  you think the people in charge of selling subscriptions and gear would be informed & pass this along, at least when asked. Nope! No matter. I always find the pertinent information myself.

I have a workout detailed out already but I might do it tomorrow & just sit today.

I like to change the rest / transition time to 15-seconds over 10, when working from a long list rather than following a video, however, so my workout will be slightly longer than the video. Gives me time to grab a sip, check the notes & get into place. This is especially good when working with different weights and a jump rope!

An off #workout is still better than nothing!

I had the gymboss timer set to a single round of (10/30). That’s 10 seconds to pick up the jumprope and get ready to go. I don’t like doing 50-second skipping intervals lately. And then counting reps allows me to really push myself on resistance and take short breaks where I need them, more weight lifter style. It also allows me to make sure I work both sides of my body evenly. If one side of your body is weaker or less stable, you have to take more time positioning & balancing and therefore work that side’s target muscles a little less in HIIT.

That said I think the style works better with weights and more rigorous full-body exercises than with today’s more yogic set. If I’d done the longer jump rope intervals I probably would’ve had a better workout overall.

Reps are maybe more tedious but more thorough. The main “con” is that you never know how much time a set is going to take you. I almost always end up taking more time than expected, and that means less time and energy for the yoga.

Today’s workout was Meh, but that’s because I was low energy.

Week 2: Workout 8

  • (10/30) skipping before each move
  • #d exercises are reps
  • Time = 35:40
  1. Runner’s Lunge Lift-R Deep runner’s lunge, full palms to floor, then lift into a Dighasana A, arms extended forward, flexing hamstrings of back, lifted leg. reps = 20
  2. Runner’s Lunge Lift-Left, reps = 20
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge-R On back & shoulders. Extend left leg & keep straight (or cross over the other & add 20lbs). reps = 20
  4. Single Leg Glute Bridge-L, reps = 20
  5. In/Out Squat Jump reps = 20

  6. Reverse Plank, reps = 20 ) L+R=1rep

  7. Elevated Plank reps = 20 L+R=1rep
  8. Warrior III Leg Pulse-Right, reps = 20
  9. Warrior III Lef Pulse-Left, reps = 20
  10. Plie Jump reps = 20

  11. Frogger @ Wall reps = 20

  12. Hanging Leg Lifts (chin up bar) reps = 20
  13. Wall Sit Leg Lift-R, reps = 20
  14. Wall Sit Leg Lift-L, reps = 20
  15. Heel Tap Jump Squat reps = 20

Standing 10 Minute Ab Workout Real Time: Melissa Bender

1. Squat Twist 15lbs
2. Oblique Drop (right) 20lbs
3. Oblique Drop (left)
4. Rotating Lunge (right) 20lbs
5. Rotating Lunge (left)
6. Side Angle Reach (right) 5lbs
7. Side Angle Reach (left)
8. Dancing Goddess Pose Held 10 pounds but could’ve done 20
9. Standing Leg Lift (right)
10. Standing Leg Lift (left)

I hadn’t cracked 300 yet so I decided to do another core set.

HIIT the New Year Hard: Workout 10: 20 Minute Belly Fat Burn

  • Along with the video. I did bench jump overs for my cardio.

1. Extended Double Crunch
2. Reclined Knee Twist (right)
3. Reclined Knee Twist (left)
4. Temple Tap Abs
5. L-Lean
6. Dive Bomber
7. Single Heel Press Plank (right)
8. Single Heel Press Plank (left)
9. Elbow Tap Side Plank or Reach Through (right)
10. Elbow Tap Side Plank or Teach Through
11. Twisted Star Fish Situp
12. Leg/Hip Lift
13. Oblique Pushup
14. Superman
15. Bridge Kick (alternating)

About 15min yoga stretching


22min sit #meditation #vision

Missed a couple days on the meditation last week, but this morning I got up & after coffee & breakfast came upstairs, aimless. Then I looked at my list & remembered. I did a reading before sitting. Card of the day is IX The Hermit.


Makes total sense! I believe this card is the March 9 card, for those who’ve read up on cards associated with particular birthdays.

Speaking of which I’ve officially given up on ever having a job-job again. The world just isn’t interested. In spite of the fact that I have the EXACT skill set required for the hand painting, print & pattern artists at Tommy Bahama AND I had an introduction by a current employee, I didn’t even merit an email response. I’ve been continuing with making stationery samples lately and also with studying animation in InDesign, just for something to do. I can still design logos for individual clients, if I manage to find any. Most often these are friends and former work colleagues.

Did you hear from Tommy? she asked me first. Ha! I think she knew the answer to that one. Well you’ve got a great new resume now! Ya, ya, and that’ll do fuck all for me won’t it? It’s worth noting I always got work with my past resumes just fine. The resume was not the problem.

I tagged a tweet with #ageism the other day and instantly connected with a female Brit with the twitter name “finishedatfifty”. At least I know it’s not just me! I always thought my talent and speed skills could surpass anything, but they can’t get around corporate age discrimination. Nope.

Anyway I’m sitting here typing this with pinhole glasses on & no contacts on my eyeballs. Granted the type is really big & the computer is on my lap, but I can still see enough to do it.

Last night we went to see Steve Miller, general admission. We decided to get there an hour early & found out that’s last minute, for a concert at Edgefield Winery. (I used to be an early person, in my days as a gainfully employed New Yorker. Now that I’m an inadvertent slacker on top of a big hill in the Portland suburbs, I’m a last minute to slightly late person. Steve is 73 and still sounds great. The only way you can be relevant after 50 is if you create your own niche. Anyway I didn’t even try to see what he looked like.

My eyes have differentiated tasks in the past few years. The right eye is distance. The left one, which went down a whole “stop” between my last exam in Jan and the one before that, a year earlier, has plummeted once again. Already. I can’t even focus on something 5 feet away wearing my $1,000 glasses OR the contacts, and that’ll be my script for another year. I get headaches a lot

So maybe I’ll try wearing my pinhole glasses a half hour to an hour a day. Maybe the prescription wasn’t quite right? Who knows… But it’s too hard to try to read that much with these things on & no contacts so I’ll post w/out proofing because fuck it.

Jumprope #intervals & #ashtanga #yoga

Missed my workout yesterday! But at least I went on a lovely walk up to Council Crest Park with Charlie and Rocco, which was really nice & it’s pretty steep in some places, so at least it was an active sort of rest day. When we got home & started cooking. Eating some of my first batch of seitan made me as exhausted as Thanksgiving turkey! Promising! LOL. I’ve found that if I make a conscious effort to get good doses of plant protein, meat cravings go away.

Anyway the temps have dropped and I’m still really stiff through the twists, so I’m trying to keep things moving, by practicing them regularly to the best of my current ability (nothing to show off that’s for sure!) I took one of the new Bender fitness routines, modified and added on. I didn’t really work up a sweat but I got a good workout. I’d have liked to do some abs sets too, but I stopped so I’d get a 50/50 dose of exercise & yoga.

I definitely want to do this workout again.



Week 1, Day 4: Arms & Back Workout

  • (10/30) one interval of skipping before all #d exercises
  • Reps of all #d exercises.
  • Time = 41:33 Jotting notes as you complete each reps set takes a little extra time, but may be worth doing at least once in awhile.
  1. Pull-ups (with strap): reps = 20 (1-10, 11-16, 17-20)
  2. Chin-ups (with strap): reps = 20 (1-12, 13-20)
  3. Seated Curl-R, 15lbs: reps = 12 (1-9, 9-12)
  4. Seated Curl-L: reps = 12 (1-7, 8-12)
  5. Chest Press, arms together, 40lbs, reps = 20 (1-13, 14-20)
  6. Fly pulse, 30lbs reps = 20 reps, in 1 go
  7. Elevated plank, alt spider & knee straight in 20 reps, each side = 1 rep
  8. Overhead tricep, 20lbs = 20 reps (1-15, 16-20)
  9. Lawnmower-Right, = 20lbs  (1-14, 15-20)
  10. Lawnmower-Left
  11. Dips = 20 reps, in 1 go
  12. Reverse Plank Pushup or Reclined Tricep 20lbs = 20 reps straight thru, but only lowering to half way with a hold for most, b/c of the tendon clicking thing.
  13. Lateral Raise, 20lbs = 20lbs  (1-14, 15-20)
  14. Upright rows, 30lbs = 20lbs  (1-12, 13-20)


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • no vinyasa twisting – SO TIGHT!
  • Paschimo & finishing thru sirsasana C
  • Eka pada sirsasana and about 10 breaths on the rack, quick savasana

Active #restday, some #ashtanga #yoga & other stuff

I could complain that this wasn’t a workout, but I’ve been feeling the fact that I’ve focused strongly on HIIT the past 3 weeks plus, and not in an entirely good way! Grumpily, I recall saying to a yoga friend, some years back, The pain of no yoga is worse than the pain of yoga. Tones of true chagrin there!

I was already planning to just do yoga, though the specifics had to change once I started and listened to my body. Then, friend K forwarded this picture to me. Someone posted it on Facebook, as depicting the “old days” at Anu’s in Gokulam. He didn’t remember me, though a few friends told him my name. I never hung out there all that much past the first trip, actually, so I wouldn’t have expected him to.

Anu's Internet Cafe, me in 2006.jpg
Winter 2006, waiting for the internet at Anu’s

I was so young and cute! Lol. I had my day as a sex kitten, I did. Gah! Nostalgia.

Anyway here’s today’s yoga deets.


Suryas & fundamentals, 7 handstands, 30min

  • Marichy C & D, Pashasana, Krounchasana – 10 breaths, with vinyasa
  • Shalabhasana – Parsva Dhanurasana – 5  breaths
  • Ustrasana A, B (reverse prayer hands) – 10 breaths
  • Laghu vajrasana – 5 breaths
  • EPRK – however any to get in & 10 (rapid)
  • Kapo B – however many to get in & 5

Back bending intervals, continual, (15/45) 

  1. Standing arch A
  2. Forward bend
  3. Standing arch B
  4. Forward bend
  5. Standing arch C
  6. Uttanasana
  • Abandoned ship here. I’d had 18min of backbending & resting intervals planned but it felt too intense today. I was stretching but I didn’t want to bludgeon myself. Moved onto to Urdhva D to stand
  • 5 drop backs
  • 20 breaths in pashimo & a slow finishing
  • 5min sirsasana, minutes 2&4 in a headstand backbend, as if I were going to drop into Viparita dandasana, but keeping legs straight.
  • child pose – 1min
  • lying twist, 1min per side
  • savasana – 3min


About 60min #HIIT and 30min #yoga

I had one day left of the Bodyrock challenge, but Melissa’s back & I felt like doing longer, simpler sets again.


Workout 1: Lower Body

  • 33:00 minute split set – (10/50) with cardio (jumprope) equal length to the #d strength moves. I split the routine in two & added a 1min rest between sets.
  1. Squat, 40lbs
  2. Warrior Deadlift-Right, 30lbs
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  4. Leg Series-Right On back & shoulders, leg raise & hip drop Change this next time to maybe Curtsy Lunge. Can alt & do a Wall Sit next interval. Or do an elevated side plank & lower leg lift.
  5. Leg Series-Left
  6. Plie Squat, 30lbs
  7. Bulgarian Split Squat-Right, 30lbs
  8. Bulgarian Split Squat-Left
  1. Hip Thrust-Right
  2. Hip Thrust-Left
  3. Grande Plie (1st position) 30lbs, Heels together
  4. Sit to Stand-Right
  5. Sit to Stand-Left
  6. Side Step Up-Right, 10lbs, kick out to the side with non-working leg
  7. Side Step Up-Left
  8. Ustrasana This was pretty fucking challenging with my heart rate so high (I hadn’t done straight jump roping sets in awhile) & no preliminary stretching! LOL. At least wearing sneakers you get a little height assist.

Workout #2: Core

(30/50) Repeating element: Burpees! Did this along with the video.
Ten sets of burpees (30-sec each) was hard work with all the plank elements! It’s 6 out of 10 in that last. I wouldn’t have done it if I’d been planning on vinyasa after.

  1. Push-up
  2. Sumo Twist-Right
  3. Sumo Twist-Left
  4. Slow Mountain Climber
  5. Plank with Transverse Ab Squeeze
  6. Reverse Plank
  7. Side Plank-Right
  8. Side Plank-Left
  9. Angel Abs
  10. Superman


(10/60) as single rather than continual intervals, taking time to prep the body as needed

  1. Ardha matseyendra (var.)
  2. Other side
  3. Marichyasana D
  4. Other side
  5. Prasarita paddotanasana A
  6. Prasarita paddotanasana B
  7. Prasarita paddotanasana C
  8. Parighasana (var.)
  9. Other side
  10. Upavistha kona
  11. Baddha kona A
  12. Pashasana Twisting was fine today, but I’d gotten REALLY warm.
  13. Other side
  14. Virasana
  15. Supta virasana
  16. Malasana
  17. Paschimo
  18. Hanumanasana
  19. Other side

savasana 4min, with lying twist.