Awesome #workout 2day! Yesterday’s #restday was definitely a good idea


First of all I wrote a HIIT for myself. The funny thing was, it’d been so long since I’d done one this style (30-seconds working interval so a much longer list of moves), I forgot to double the interval number in order to account for jump roping every other. Also I was feeling great in the early part so I skipped the intended break interval and worked on catching and then holding my handstand @ the wall.

I gave myself 15-seconds on the rest-transition part, because when I’m working with both varied weights and a jumprope, I often need the time (to check the list, towel off, get a sip). Or if I mess up a jumprope too much I can continue into the rest a few seconds. 

This one would be fantastic twice through, with a 2min break in the middle!

My own HIIT

*Skipping (15/30) 48min

  1. Clean & press, squat & press, push-up – 30lbs
  2. Elevated push-ups
  3. Curtsy lunge – 30lbs
  4. Swings – 35lbs 
  5. Dive bombers
  6. Wood chops, going to just below knee – 15lbs
  7. other side
  8. Pike press push-up, elevated
  9. Plank rows & push-up, 30lbs
  10. Chest press  – 40lbs
  11. Tricep press back – 20lbs
  12. Around the world – 20lbs
  13. Seated  flies – 20lbs
  14. Handstand
  15. Bicep curls – 30lbs
  16. Crunches, elbows to knees (legs raised)
  17. Side obliques – 3lbs
  18. other side
  19. Tricep dips
  20. Overhead pulls – 30lbs
  21. Upright row – 30lbs
  22. Wide leg squat – 40lbs
  23. Decline knee in & cross
  24. Front raises – 20lbs
  25. Side raises – 20lbs
  26. Deadlift – 40lbs
  27. Fly pulse – 30lbs
  28. Overhead tricep – 20lbs
  29. Rotator cuff – 10lbs
  30. Straight Abs
  31. Pinca Mayurasana For some reason, wearing sneakers while doing this pose feels extra fun to me.
  32. Pinca Mayurasana


  • Suryas & fundamentals
  • I was intending to do my small bit of 2nd and ticks, but I looked at the time here and it was already 1:15, so I moved on to Urdhva D and 3 drop backs. I’m glad I got in a bit of back bending. Felt fantastic. LOVE the way the yoga feels lately. Turns out type B is best for middle-aged Linda.
  • Finishing & savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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