2 rounds #HIIT and an hour of #ashtanga #yoga

[EDIT UPDATE] Here it is! Minus the part where my phone cut out.


Bodyrock Bootcamp, day 1

I finally got on there! And then I forgot to do the free burnout that comes with day 1, but that’s ok. I’ll leave the browser window open & hopefully the link will still work tomorrow. That’d have pushed me up over a 90-min workout too, and I like to finish right about at that goal post.

  • *Burpee lunge. 2 rounds with weighted vest. 1st round with video.
  1. Push-up & touch, both sides, come up & tuck jump.
  2. Squat & jump 15lbs, single weight. Jumping jack feet. When feet jump in, push weight up.
  3. Suitcase crunch with bike knee, 15lbs
  4. Tricep & tuck
  5. Lunge & press 30lbs
  6. Push-up, row & turn 30lbs


  • About an hour. Suryas, fundamentals, 2nd to laghu v, EPRK & Kapo B. Same as usual. Camera cut out on 2nd side of EPRK for some reason. I thought I’d run out of battery but no.
  • Urdhva D, drop backs – 3, ticks – 3
  • Finishing & savasana

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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