I got in my #workout! Now I can continue with my lying around

I’m glad I’m detailing out these workouts. I can see how week 1 is rolling out. If you do the sets with the cardio Lisa chooses, and do them sequentially in groups of five, you’ve got an awesome HIIT workout. In the HIITmax days, the 3rd day / Wednesday was often core and something of a rest, compared to the others.

It’s also good to repeat these sets as I’m doing, two or more times, to get to know them a bit. I change the repeated element, which is good to do if you’re wearing a weighted vest! I kept my 6lbs on the entire workout, minus my stretch at the end.

This was a short workout but at least I got out of bed and moved my body a little. Tomorrow is legs, as far as the bootcamp goes. I’ll detail that out today & will probably do just two sets tomorrow, plus the overtime and some ashtanga.


BodyRock Bootcamp Day 3

3 rounds (10/50) for 12min sets.

  • Round 1: Cardio: 3-point abs with a tuck jump
  • Round 2: Skipping
  • Round 3: Strength: clean & press, lowering weights to floor next to you as per in a squat, 30lbs


  1. Star abs, holding 5lb weight in each hand
  2. Reverse curl on the bench, for more range
  3. Tricep dips / tuck abs on floor / sliders
  4. Side plank, knee to elbow & row, trying to keep bottom foot off floor, 10lbs
    10lbs was too heavy for a side plank with extended arm. I did a row & lower leg lift for 2nd round, with the 10lbs again. 3rd round I did a knee pull with extended arm, holding only 5lbs.
  5. Other side
  6. 3-pt bicycle abs

Overtime Day 3

  1. Push-up & row, 1 side, alt. 30lbs
  2. C-sit, arnold press, 30lbs. Feet off floor. Arms to 90-degrees, do a press in front, return & then press up.
  3. Push-up & row, 1 side, alt. 30lbs
  4. Bentover row & fly, 20lbs
  5. Push-up & row, 1 side, alt. 30lbs
  6. Front & side lift, alt, 20lbs


  • 10minutes

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