3 rounds #HIIT (leg day) and #ashtanga yoga

So funny how Rolf & Marci “punished” me during the 5th & final India trip, making me do 2nd only and then even primary when I was really naughty. And I remember one time practicing my 2nd next to this lady who’d said she learned 3rd from Tim, but she couldn’t do a lot of it and kept messing up the vinyasa. Rolf kept coming over. She wasn’t a blogger though, so wasn’t “bad” like me & was allowed to proceed. I kept imagining scenarios in my head where I’d go I can demo! Do you want me to demo? Teachers would often have me do this in NYC, if they didn’t practice advanced themselves anymore and weren’t warmed up to demonstrate either. A friend was photographing that day and she caught me with several delighted smiles on my face.

Now I often do the beginnings and endings & I wouldn’t want to do 3rd series if you paid me (unless it was a shit-ton of money, then ok). Life is so surprising sometimes. You think you’re making a journey to learn something and end up learning things entirely unforeseen.


HIIT, Bootcamp Day 4, Legs

(10/50) for 12min sets. With 6lb weighted vest rounds 1, 2 & overtime.

  • Round 1, Cardio: Jumpovers I had to use 2 wooden yoga blocks side by side, neither high enough nor stable to be ideal, but I don’t have a bench.
  • Round 2, Strength: Weighted Step-ups 10lbs
  • Round 3, Cardio: Skipping


  1. Step up & press: round 1 Standing foot on block. Lunge back, then come up, lifting that knee & pressing up – 30lbs (I left weights on shoulders as delts are still recovering from days 1-3.) Rounds 2 & 3 changed to lunge back & kick (high)
  2. Other side
  3. 3 pt Squat: Squat & lift knee, then frog leg, then straight out to the side, alt sides – 30lbs
  4. Single leg Squat: back leg elevated: 20lbs. Lisa does press ups but I opted for hammer curls (bottom of lunge) & tricep kickbacks (top)
  5. Other side
  6. Box Jumps: Jump-ups to blocks. I so wish I had a bench!!!! Thought about replacing this with plyo jumps on the floor.

Overtime Day 4

  1. Touch jacks, Jumping jacks touching back of hand to outside opp foot, alt
  2. Shot put 15lbs Touching knee to elbow
  3. Touch jacks
  4. Shot put other side
  5. Touch jacks
  6. Tuck ab, v-ab, v-ab


About 35min

  • Suryas and fundamentals. I was all tweaked out through my right pec and I hadn’t felt that at all before. I worked through it. Got a little better as I went on.
  • Paschimo B & finishing through Sirsasana C, which I could not hold because of said tweaked. I tried 3x and tipped over on the 3rd go, lol.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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