Ya I just texted to reschedule #nationallazyday

This was just after eating some ice cream (vegan) in bed at noon on a Wednesday. I’m exhausted. I feel like shit on myriad levels. I finally gave up hope of falling back asleep this morning around 10:30 & popped in me eyeballs. Then I found out it’s #nationallazyday, first from a Dandy Warhols tweet, funny enough.


I’d been planning to get on the 2:34 bus 51, which is the earliest you can catch it downtown after it stops running (weekdays ONLY!) at 9am. I saw on Instagram that Orange Theory has opened in PDX and you can get an introductory week free. Might be good for me to leave The Hill more often and a class or two might be nice. I was also gonna get veggie burgers and fries at the Little Big Burger that’s near there. It’s Wednesday and it’s jam night somewhere else & I don’t have anything super yummy to cook. Plus that’s boring solo. I’m now wishing I had a vegan frozen pizza… Hmmmm…. Oh well I don’t.

I’ve been craving meat lately too, which means I need some dosages of fake meat. Anyway fuck that meeting and pretty much screw everything for today

I had some depressing news yesterday and then very little sleep. The gray of the skies matches my mood, the clothes I’m wearing, my hair. I have something I need to turn in by Friday, but I got a good jump on that. All I need to do is print & proof. I could take another rest day from exercise, though if I’m not leaving at 2:30 now there’s a chance I might work out. Either way is fine. Whatever.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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