3 rounds #HIIT, a burnout & some #restorative #yoga

Short workout, but that’s ok. I’d expected to be taking the weekend off, entertaining friends. Only it didn’t happen. Again. Certainly my family is never going to visit me here in Portland! Not any of the two of ’em, and I cannot afford to buy plane tickets. I’d had some high hopes apparently, judging by my reaction to the cancellation. Oh wells. I get emotional sometimes.

People who have family members who visit and/or go on vacation with them cannot relate.

Whatever! I am going to leave The Hill today on my own steam. I postponed the gym checking out adventure to today. The only routes are around the hill, so  it’s gonna take about an hour to travel the 3.5 miles, but I’ve got time, an iPhone and a Kindle.



Bootcamp Day 5

(10/50) for 12min sets.

  • Round 1, Cardio: Competition burpees
  • Round 2, Cardio: Skipping


  1. DSLL, 40lbs Put a P90X move here instead of yet more push-ups. The repeating element is burpees and there’s 3 rounds of elevated push-ups in the overtime so… Soon I hope to have a pull-up station in the dining room so I can work that muscle group too. Balance is good.
  2. Plank Front raise & side raise, 10lbs
  3. Other side
  4. Monkey push-up, half burpee
  5. Pike abs on bench, 15lbs On bench, arms reaching up & overhead w weight
  6. Bent-over 1-leg rows, alt sides, 30lbs.

Bootcamp Day 3

1 rounds (10/50) for 12min set. Took vest off for this one.

  • Round 1: Cardio: 3-point abs with a tuck jump / alt with Skipping
  1. Star abs, holding 5lb weight in each hand
  2. Reverse curl on the bench, for more range
  3. Tricep dips Lifting alt leg every 5 dips
  4. Side plank, knee to elbow & row, 5lbs. Aha! This is what made my delts so “can’t take off T-shirt” sore earlier this week. I did 3 rounds & started off with 1-round of the too heavy 10lbs.
  5. Other side
  6. Bicycle abs I did “coming up to C-sit on each side” style for this one, dif from the video.

Overtime Day 5

  1. Elevated push-ups, alt one foot crossing over the other, feet a bit wide so that more of the weight goes on the arm that’s got the feet behind it.
  2. Squat w bicep curl 30lbs
  3. Elevated push-ups
  4. Squat & push out wider feet, 16lbs, holding weight at shoulders. Extend arms straight out at the bottom of the return
  5. Elevated push-ups
  6. Overhead Tricep 20lbs Instead of tricep dips cause I’d just done a hard set of those in the last round


  • About 20min easy, timed poses. Man, I love finishing poses!


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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