2 rounds #HIIT + burnout & #restorative #yoga

I’ve been enjoying the BodyRock workouts. I don’t like the new streaming platform though, and I’ll cancel before my month is up. Firstly, you used to be able to download the clips for the monthly fee, but now you’ve gotta pay (I think it’s) $48 for them. second, the hosting website is totally sucky for scrolling. Unlike Netflix or YouTube there is no scroll preview, so you can’t tell where you are.

So ya I’ll just go through ’em, keep my notes and revisit the routines that way. As might be imagined, nuances change more this way, but they’re gonna change anyway. And while it’s nice to pretend you’ve actually got a workout buddy, I’ve been solo for years and years. Six? Six and a half? I’ve lost count.



Bootcamp Day 12

(10/50) 2 rounds, both with weighted vest. First round w/ video

  1. High knees
  2. Squat jumps in & out
  3. Chest press – punch, 30lbs
  4. Lunge & press (L + R), 30lbs This was really heavy for me, for this exercise, and I wobbled a lot. It was some real WORK. I’m used to 20lbs here.
  5. Laying flies, 30lbs
  6. Tricep push-up & tuck
  7. Bent over row, 40lbs
  8. Switch lunges
  9. Bent over flys, 20lbs
  10. Tricepdips
  11. Elevated push-ups
  12. Forward & lateral flys, 20lbs

Overtime Day 12

  1. Wide squat, 40lbs as low as possible
  2. Feet together squat
  3. Squat & side leg lift, feet hip distance
  4. Lunge back & knee lift, one side
  5. Other side
  6. Lateral hops, feet together, touching floor w/ inside fingertips


Short & ad lib. I should’ve done the same yoga as yesterday but I could not focus on it. I did do some backbends at the wall & then wheel to stand & drop backs. Those were unfocused too! Va bene.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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