2 rounds #HIIT & #ashtanga #yoga

And the big news is, the exercise room has a pull-up / chin-up station now! I haven’t been able to work on pull-ups since the one that ex East Village punk boyfriend “Fluffy” installed for me (23 years ago) finally broke. It dropped me on my ass during a set of chin-ups the month before I moved away from NYC. Both the wall & the rubber stopper it was attached too were crumbling apart.

I did have access to a lat machine at The Hotel but it wasn’t quite the same & I didn’t work out there regularly. I did use the gym a lot when it was hot, to take advantage of the free AC, wistful sigh. It’s actually not too bad downstairs, though if I had my druthers it’d be a bit cooler. And upstairs will be hot. I have to sit on a towel when I work in my office these days. I’ve got a cheap, plastic chair… Today I maybe should rig up the vent for the freestanding AC we got.




Personalized Bootcamp Day 15


Set/day 1

  • Burpee lunge
  1. Push-up & touch hand to opp foot, both sides, come up & tuck jump.
  2. Squat & jump 15lbs, single weight. Jumping jack feet. When feet jump in, push weight up.
  3. Suitcase crunch with bike knee, 15lbs. On bench, holding weight with both hands.
  4. Tricep supergirl push-ups
  5. Clean & press 40lbs
  6. Pull-ups, with strap assist Note to self: don’t put this move in last when you haven’t had an opportunity to work on pull-ups in a year and a half!

Set/day 2

  • Skipping 
  1. Chin-ups
  2. Elevated spider & kick thru, alt
  3. ½ burpee, upright row 30lbs
  4. Squat wide to narrow, alt sides stepping out 40lbs
  5. Side push-up, knee & tuck-jump
  6. Straight Abs

Overtime Day 15

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Flys & press, on bench. Legs come down on the fly & back up to perpendicular where they stay for the press, 30lbs
  3. Chest press, both arms & then singles, 30lbs
  4. Front raises, palms up & arms slightly bent, 20lbs
  5. Driving push-ups: tricep push-up & then push back to a sort of down dog crouch Redundant with yoga. Do chin-ups again next time.
  6. X Fly on bench, 10lbs in each hand. Make and X shape with the body. When legs come in, hands cover over the chest to cross, alt which is on top

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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