My freaking arms r gonna fall off! #HIIT & #ashtanga #yoga

My triceps were SO sore this morning. I’m not used to working on pull-ups, for one thing. Throwing in just a couple sets of those plus lifting heavy with the Bodyrock and I’m really feeling it.

I’ve already gone “off” the latest series. Bad streaming format and for one challenge they couldn’t even deliver 15 sets of all new material. The 3rd week is already a rehash. As with rock bands the output has been less and less as time goes on. They were the best in the old real time challenge, followed by HIITmax. Even so, it’s been fun.

Day 16 was supposed to be just a repeat of day 9 in two rounds. I did one very modified round of it swapping & adding moves. And then because my arms were spent I did my primary, lol. I left out the 4 poses I normally skip and did the LBH, but I moved onto Urdhva D after setu bandhasana, rather than doing any 2nd series poses. I could’ve used them but I was BEAT by that point and wanted to finish.

When I got to the last navasana & tried to swing it up into handstand my arms were like, Ha, ha HA! Nope. That takes one concentrated and focused burst of deep strength and I didn’t have it, lol.

We’re going to another movie to escape some of the worst of the day’s heat! Better go get ready.

Yes, I hit 180. It was those kettle bell swings. That 35-pounder gets me every time.


Based on Bootcamp Day 16, Set 1 / day 9


  1. Skipping
  2. Pull-ups, with strap assist
  3. 1-leg push-ups, elevated
  4. Goblet squat & press, 30lbs
  5. Overhead triceps, 20lbs
  6. Bench jumps
  7. Shoulder press, 30lbs
  8. Bicep curls & hammer curl, 30lbs
  9. Squats in & out, 40lbs
  10. Push-up tuck & burpee
  11. Swings, 35lbs
  12. Tricep kickbacks with pulse, 10bs I’d change this one next time. Didn’t notice move #17 coming up.
  13. Upright row, 30lbs
  14. Hammer curl & then lift bent arms to the side, 20lbs
  15. Biceps, bent arms extend out & the curl, 20lbs
  16. Around the world, 20lbs
  17. 3pt kick back triceps (reg, palms down, palms up)
  18. Swimmers
  19. Reverse curl, on bench, 3lbs
  20. Overhead abs on bench w/ leg raise, 15lbs


  • Handstand-y Suryas & fundamentals
  • Primary w/ added LBH
  • Urdhva D to stand & 3 drop backs
  • Finishing

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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