Moderate core #HIIT, 2 rounds + burnout & a tiny bit of #ashtanga #yoga

The temperature has dropped so drastically, from 100 degrees to chilly and I was cold immediately when I finished the HIIT portion of today’s workout. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be able to do my approximately 9.5 poses of 2nd (plus the EPRK). Lol. My twisting diminished a long time ago, and I’m sure I’d need super regular practice plus maybe assists to get the wrist bind in Pashasana back, and when I’m stiff I can’t get it at all.

Since I’m not into unnecessary struggle these days, I immediately switched to no vinyasa poses at that point, leading with a bunch of twists: ardha matseyendrasana var; marichy C, marichy D, parighasana var etc. I have felt some decreased mobility in everyday life twisting, so this is something that should get some attention. Functional fitness! After twisting I finished with some ad-lib whatever.



Bootcamp Day 17, personalized

Set 1 / based on day 3 (core)


  • Repeating elements: Skipping / 3-point abs with a tuck jump (3 each)
  • Blue moves – my changes, so you can see I changed a LOT. I mostly stuck with the feel of the original exercise as Lisa wrote it, modified to suit me today.
  1. Crunches feet raised
  2. Reverse curl on the bench, for more range
  3. Chin-up, tuck curl
  4. Elevated side plank, bottom knee to elbow 5lb Started with 8 here and it was too heavy! No wonder I hurt myself trying to do the video move with 10lbs, in the 1st round the last time I did this set. I simplified the move to concentrate on the smaller muscles and took out the row, which should have at least 10lbs.
  5. Other side
  6. Bicycle abs touching back down to bench(?) between crunches

Set 2 / based on day 10 (core)

  • Cardio: high knees – 4x, Swings – 1x, 35lbs Cause that 35lb kettlebell gets me every time
  1. Ski abs: 3 points to the jump plank, outside 1 shoulder & back to plank then alt shoulder.
  2. Elevated plank: spider & then pull knee in, alt sides.
  3. Woodchop: 15lbs
  4. Other side
  5. Clean & press, oblique knee, alt sides, 30lbs
  6. Frogger: wide leg


  1. Elbow Plank Turn Forearm plank. Do alternating side planks, keeping raised arm in an L-shape & extending through the mid back & keeping the hips high.
  2. Reverse Curl Twist On the bench, holding on with hands. Twist to alt sides @ the top.
  3. Up Fast, Down Slow Same reverse curl.
  4. Down Fast, Up Slow
  5. Suitcase Crunch 10lbs. Arms mostly straight, holding the weight. Come up & bend knees, lifting shoulders as much as possible.
  6. Scissor Abs Holding the weight as far overhead as possible, still on the bench.


Easy stuff, but I did Suryas and fundamentals so it counts as ashtanga!


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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