22min sit, morning #meditation

I really need to make it a point to do this daily for awhile again. I had a good, solid rest & thought I was ok but it soon became apparent I’m grumpy & irritable. I also had a stomach ache. Those happen  more often frequently and I’m getting a lot of headaches, probably because my vision (especially in the left eye) continues to plummet as if both engines blew at once and we’re in freefall.

My stresses are more about what’s not happening rather than what is, and the “not” in this case falls under “dealing with it” in any effective, solvent grownup kind of way.

I know I’ve been needing to sit regularly again. Today I stepped up to the plate, or rather, sat down in padmasana because:


My stomach feels a bit better after I ate some toast, but it’s not like fucking fantastic or even perfectly neutral. At least now I can write “meditate” down in my list of things to do and then cross it off immediately in a different color ink.



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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