About 55min #HIIT with #jumprope intervals & 35min easy #yoga

That felt good! I came back strong after my rest day. Needed it. Used it.


Started off with the Lisa / Bodyrock workout I’d found the other day, modified slightly to suit my needs.

Bodyrock 50min Live HIIT workout

(15/50) cardio: skipping.

Split into two, 18-min rounds w/ 1min rest in between.

Time = 40:00

  1. Clean & press, 30lbs. Tapping weights down beside your feet at the bottom, in a squat. Hammer curl it up.
  2. Pull-ups Put the abs at #14, just changing the order, keeping the hardest poses separate
  3. Lunge & Twist, 20lbs. Hold weight overhead. Step forward w/ alt legs & swing weight down & over front leg. Change next time: alt pistol squats, weighted step-ups or alt woodchopper
  4. Elevated push-ups
  5. Frogger, feet landing wide, 14.5?
  6. Hanging leg lifts from pull-up bar
  7. Squat & press, 40lbs
  8. Mountain climbers
  9. Upright row, 30lbs, 11
  1. Bicep curl, shoulder press, hammer curl down, 30lbs
  2. Swing (with squat), lift & turn to alt sides, 20lbs Alt front / side lift
  3. Standing twist, 15lbs, holding arms bent, turn to alt sides
  4. Swings, 35lbs
  5. Sliders
  6. Weighted Step-ups, 20lbs
  7. Tuck abs
  8. Competition burpee tuck jump 7.5
  9. Tricep dips


  • This set I did 10/50. I’d change it a bit next time, maybe tack on a good core set from the last Bootcamp.
  1. Leg lifts on bench, legs dipping as low as possible on the down
  2. Straight abs
  3. Obliques, lying on side with arm extended toward top foot
  4. other side
  5. Starfish abs
  6. Reverse curl, repeat, 5lbs
  7. Bicycle, lower back remaining on floor
  8. Swimmers (add two of these the next time)
  9. Straight abs repeat


  • Ad lib non vinyasa. I kicked it off with a 5min sirsasana which I filmed, because I started doing it in a new way & I want to take a look later.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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