PHAT #3 by Jori, 8-part #workout & #yoga #stretches to close


Did this with my list, cause it was almost all reps, in one way or another


Part 1: Strength 16, 12, and 8 reps
Time = 16:03, but low because of my underlined comment on #2.

  1. OH Press, 2-15lbs, for 16 & 12 / 40 for 8
  2. Pendulum Lunge on Slider Right, 30lbs Lunge forward & then backward. FORGOT TO HOLD THE WEIGHT ON THE 12s!!
  3. Pendulum Lunge on Slider Left
  4. Pull-ups Overhand grip with blue band
  5. KB Swing 35lbs

Part 2: Isolation (10/50) 2x = 10 mins

  1. Seated Bicep Curl 2, 15lbs Rnd 1 – arms out forward, palms up, with elbows braced on legs. Rnd 2 – arms rotated out.
  2. Deadlift 40lbs
  3. Elevated Plank Knee-in & to opp arm, alt
  4. Halo Twist + Chop lunges 20lbs Holding weight @ sternum, lunge forward. Bring weight down on inside of leg & then straight up & over to the outside, alt. 
  5. Alt pistol squats going deep, heels propped on 10lb weight bars

Part 3: Cardio Interval: (30/30) x 2 NO REST, 5-10 sec rest between rounds, with 8lb weighted vest

  1. Burpee w/ Push Up
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Mt. Climbers
  4. Skaters

Part 4: Strength I am doing 16, 12, and 8 reps (Changed 3 of 4 of these moves but I kept with the spirit of the chosen exercises) Time = 13:27

  1. Traffic Directors 2, 10lb weights Lateral & front raise, alt. Each lift is 1 rep.
  2. SL Deadlift 30lbs alt (L+R=1)
  3. Chin-ups with blue band
  4. Elevated feet plank, tap toes out to the side & down to the floor (L+R=1)

Part 5: Stabilization 12 reps 2x Time is 15:56. Moves 1, 2 & 6 are 2-sided!

  1. Elevated Feet Push Ups
  2. Side Lunge to Knee Up 20lbs
  3. Single Leg SA Shoulder Press (opp/ arm, opp/ leg) 15lbs
  4. Squat, holding weight out in front, 10lbs Bum tapping bench
  5. Single Leg Y Front Raise 2, 10lbs Balance on one leg, front raise in Y shape Balanced 1st x on right with overhand grip, and 2nd time on left, underhand grip
  6. Alt spider man with arm reaches 2=1 Spiderman leg & the opp hand taps floor to the front

Time so far is 1:11, before a 2min break

Part 6: AMRAP: 3 Minutes 10 all the way thru & an 11th up to push-up jack
Matrix Burpee:

  1. x 5 High Knees
  2. Burpee w/ Push Up
  3. Diamond Hops R/L
  4. Push Up Jack + Jump In
  5. Tuck Jump

Part 7: Strength 12 reps 2x Time = 7:35

  1. Chest Press, 2, 20lbs dumbbells
  2. Sumo Squat 35lb kettlebell
  3. Swings 35lb kettlebell
  4. Weighted UFC’s 20lbs, holding 10lb dumbbells @ side, from knees to surrender & back down, alt sides

Part 8: Power P.H.A.T. Burnout: 12 reps 2x Time = 10:18

  1. Plyo Push Ups Nakrasana & tricep push-up
  2. Weighted Squat Jumps 20lbs
  3. Alt. Squat Slams 15lbs Start w/ weight overhead. Squat & swing the weight down in the center, then up & out back to overhead, alt sides
  4. Power Hop Ups On elevation. Lunge back & rocket up, lifting knee. 12 each leg.
  5. Russian Twist x 2 + One V-up w/ Weight 10lbs

(Total time for this video 1:38)


About 16min. I could use more but I was pooped! Can’t restrain myself w/ the new workout channel.

#HIIT #AMRAP (3min intervals on my!) and #yoga

Started to preview this one & then just did it along w/ the video, with several additional pauses to take my notes (& also for more recovery) along the way. I’d gotten sidetracked in a carpet design I’m working on & therefore didn’t have time for both a length preview and the execution. My output wasn’t overly high but I was low energy. No vest for the HIIT and then I only wore it at the beginning of the AMRAP. Three minute sets were killer! It’s great to challenge your body in different ways though.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

  • Body Transformation Builder by Kristin R
  • (10/50) x1 (18 min)
    13” elv Finally checked to see how high my elevation is. It’s one of Charlie’s work benches. I do have a higher elevation for some things (not jumping! I’m not a great jumper & wouldn’t trust my ability to clear it) but it’s downstairs so won’t be using it for awhile.
  1. Box Squats + Press 40lbs, touching butt to bench on the squat
  2. Oblique Side Bend + Opposite arm Hammer Curl 30lbs Standing. Bend to the side & touch weight to foot. Return to standing & hammer curl opp arm. Alt.
  3. Deadlift plank hops 40lbs
  4. Y-Press + Lat Leg Raise (Single/opp leg raise, Single/opp leg raise, Double Y) 20lbs
  5. Tricep Pushup x 2 to Down Dog Toe Touches x 2 (opp hand to opp foot)
  6. Renegade Rows in Plank with knee in (turn out at top of row w/ knee in) 20lbs
  7. Angry Donkey + Squat Jacks x3
  8. Ninja Tuck + Switch Lunge Toe Touch x2
  9. Sumo stomps (4 low) + same Side Knee Crunch x2
  10. Alt Front Lunge + Bi Curl + Warrior 3 (press up on SL into Glute Raise) 2 5lbs If I do this routine again I think I’ll change this move to be just an alt warrior 3 with front raise.
  11. OH Press + Tricep Ext with Alt Reverse Lunge 2, 10lbs
  12. RDL to Fly/curl in + Goodmorning 2, 10lbs
  13. Strict Mountain Climbers x 4 + Crossbody Mtn Climber x4
  14. Around the World Arms in ISO Squat w Alt Stepback ½ lunge2, 10lbs
  15. T-Press Up, Dip x2 to Plank tap out x 2 to opposite side T-Dip x2, repeat 10lbs
  16. Increasing Squat Jumps 3 + Jumping jacks x4
  17. Opposite Hand to Foot (Plie & Lateral Raise + hand to opp foot) 2, 10lbs
  18. Negative Pushups & Knee Drives 4 count down to floor + Press up knee drives x2



(AMRAP Pyramid: 3Min/2Min/1min) (30 min)

1. Sumo Squat + Lateral Leg Raise & SA Hammer Curl, 2, 15lbs This was HEAVY for 3min! Switched to 13lbs for the 2min round & back to 15lbs for the 1min round
2. Alt Lateral Lunge touchdown + SA Fly(bring 1 weight to foot & other arm does SA Fly) 2, 8lbs for 3min & 2min rounds, 10lbs for the 1min round
3. Bent over Row, Squat, Deadlift, 15lbs Made it to here w/ my 8lb vest on & took it off when I heard “Manmaker”. Also hit pause to make this note & take a break
4. Manmakers 2, 15lb weights Paused here too on 2min round. Now I knew what was coming! Two minutes of plank.
5. Bear Crawl Plank Hop x2 / Oblique Plank Hops x2 / Cross Crunch x2



About 25min. I did the marichys, with eka pada sirsa in the middle of ’em, no vinyasa. Felt good.

Booty Rock Workout by Kristin Fit Body by Julia


  • (10/50) 22min set , 2x through with 2min break in between. (Did it with my list rather than following the video.)
  • Round 1 – In & Out Squat Touchdowns, with 8lb weighted vest
  • Round 2 – Jump rope / Jugglers – Jugglers are SO hard for me. Jacks my heart rate even higher than jump rope & makes the latter seem like a break. I think it’s the accelleration necessary to get my feet high enough to touch my shoes on that bit of it.
  1. Plank Jack + Punch
  2. R Static Reverse Lunge + Front Raise to Lateral Raise, 10lbs
  3. L Static Reverse Lunge + Scarecrow 10lbs Raise arms bent at 90deg. Rotate arms up. squeeze elbows together in front. Come back down. Rotate arms forward & then bring elbows back down to starting point.
  4. Deadlift + Wide Row 20lbs Wide row is @ the bottom, before coming back up to standing.
  5. Static Crab Bridge Hold + SA R Tricep Ext 8lbs / 2nd round straight arm tricep press backs, 1 20lb weight
  6. Static Crab Bridge Hold + SA L Tricep Ext 8lbs 2nd round Tricep kick backs with a pulse, flipping hands to face ceiling on pulse, 2 10lb weights
  7. Squat Clean & Press 40lbs
  8. Switch Lunge & Chop 15lbs
  9. Plank + R Fly + R Tricep Ex 10lbs
  10. Plank + L Fly + L Tricep Ex
  11. Plie Squat + Hammer Curl + Press 30lbs Start in squat. Hammer curl. Stand & overhead press. Lower weights to shoulders. Plie squat & curl down.

Triple Core Crush meets Bear Crawl – Men’s Health

Repeat 2x (1:51 – 2:03, 12min)

  1. 10 Bear Walkouts  Walk from bear crawl to plank and keep going until hands are as far out in front of shoulders (and even) as you can. Pause & walk back.
  2. 10 Plank Jacks
  3. 10 R Oblique Hip Dips (on forearm)
  4. 10 R Tricycles Lower back touches floor on the downs, crunch up with right leg only drawing in, low boat to higher boat.
  5. 10 Bear Crunch (5 per side) From bear crawl flip over & draw knee to opp elbow. Arm that comes up to turn body is the one that crunches
  6. 10 Plank Jack toe touches
  7. 10 L Oblique Hip Dips (on forearm)
  8. 10 L Tricycles (hold boat pose and draw one knee in)
  9. 10 Bear Squat Bear crawl to down dog


  • Ashtanga suryas to fundamentals
  • Jump through to Paschimo, 10 breaths in the 2nd one & finishing to uttana padasana. 1min savasana


Awesome #EMOM & #tabata #pyramid routine with some easy #yoga to close

Thank god for motherfucking exercise, is all I’ve gotta say.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

EMOM Round 1 With weighted vest. Went with 10lbs each hand for this round, which was too light. I don’t have 12lb weights tho.

  1. alternating front lunges
  2. alternating front lunges + bicep curl
  3. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press
  4. alternating front lunges + bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  5. bicep curl + over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  6. over head press + alternating single leg deadlift
  7. alternating single leg deadlift

Tabata Pair 1: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Iron legs: 2 switch lunges, 2 squat jumps, 2 cross ankle jumps
  2. Curtsy lunges 35lbs with kettlebell (I’d do 40 or 50lbs if I had ’em)

EMOM Round 2 With weighted vest. Went with 13lbs each hand, holding two dumbells per hand. Not ideal but it was better work.

  1. hammer curl
  2. hammer curl + Front squat
  3. hammer curl + front squat + military press
  4. hammer curl Front squat + military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  5. Front squat+ military press + ½ dead lift plank hop
  6. military press + ½ deadlift plank hop
  7. ½ deadlift  plank hop

Tabata Pair 2 with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wide knee tuck jump burpee (Wide to narrow tuck jump)
  2. Weighted narrow to wide squats 35lbs (50 would be better)

EMOM Round 3 No vest. Went for the 15s, which was challenging!

  1. 10 high knees and drop pop
  2. 10 high knees and drop + push up
  3. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in
  4. 10 high knees and drop + push up + alternating knees in + plank rows, 15lbs (too heavy but don’t have 12 pounders)
  5. push up + alternating knees in + plank rows
  6. alternating knees in + plank rows
  7. plank rows

Tabata Pair 3: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Burpee with switch kick at the top
  2. Crab toe touch

EMOM Round 4 with 6lb vest (I should be adding the other to bars back in to make it 8lbs soon)

  1. in/out box squats
  2. in/out box squats + plank jump back (hands on elevation)
  3. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up
  4. in/out box squats + plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  5. plank jump back + tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4
  6. tricep push up + wide leg mountain climber x4 Hands to the floor here, which made it harder.
  7. wide leg mountain climber Hands back on the bench!

Tabata Pair 4: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Prisoner squat jacks
  2. Golbet Squat with weighted oblique crunch + elbow to knee 35lb kettlebell

EMOM Round 5 with weighted vest

  1. broad jump
  2. twerknado (broad becomes a broad jump with weighted 180) 2, 15lb weights. Would be much better w/ 25s but I don’t have 2 of those.
  3. twerknado + SA clean and press
  4. twerknado + alternating SA clean and press to surrender
  5. 180 jump squat  + alternating SA surrender
  6. Alternating SA surrender
  7. Kneel down to heel sit

Tabata Pair 5: with time pyramid (10:10, 20:10, 30:10, 40:10, 40:10, 30:10, 20:10, 10:10 =4.5 minutes)

  1. Wax on/wax off in plank (hands on sliders alternate circles with each hand)
  2. Plank leg circles on sliders



  • About 21min.

Interestingly my Karna Pidasana is SO MUCH BETTER than it was the last time I was trying to do ashtanga at all regularly (a whole series, at least twice a week). I still had the lingering effects of the Ganda Bherundasana tweak (which I obtained via practicing angrily and obsessively when my last NYC teacher traffic cop had decided that 3 regular series assists, three times a week was just too much work to bother with.

I love the ashtanga finishing poses still, and sarvangasana, halasansa & karna p are my core favorites.

I also try to do a 1min urdhva d most days I work out, for the psychological & shoulder stretching benifits.

Kickboxing and Strength by Jamie B #awesome and glorious, relaxing #yoga


So awesome I’m going to put it in my iCal for next Saturday. I did it along w/ the video, no vest. The intervals are so complex I’d rather not bother finding an app that can program a whole set & then figuring out how to do so. Maybe next weekend I’ll wear my vest.

Kickboxing and Strength

Each set 2x: =7 mins 40 sec
Cardio: 30:30– (30secs slow controlled movements, 30sec fast) you will have 10 seconds then move onto strength
-Strength moves: 50:5, 50:5, 40:10

Set 1:
1. Kickboxing burpee: 2 punches in plank to front kicks
2. curl with alt stepping lunge, 20lbs
3. + Y-raise at standing position
4. Isolated: W-raise hold (halfway between Y-raise and low wide bicep curl) in reverse lunge hold (switch legs 2nd round)

SET 2:
1. Uppercut (single R, single L, double R, double L, single R…. etc)**
2. Sumo stomp (low sumo squat hold, raise one leg up with bent knee, stomp down, repeat on other side), single 20lb weight
3. + T arm twist (hold arms in T arm position with palms forward, stomp one foot while twisting arms to have palms facing posterior), 3lbs
4. Iso: Low sumo hold with posterior T arm hold, 3lbs

SET 3:
1. Front kick R, hook L, step R foot forward to do Front kick L, hook R, step right foot back to repeat, etc.**
2. Split Squat (R for entire first round, L for second), 30lbs
3. +Side upright row (pull weights up on side of body- movement similar to pulling up pants) ((Time with raising up))
4. Iso: Split squat hold with side upright row hold

SET 4:
1. Side jab R x2 (moving body laterally to right) + L cross punch, repeat on other side**
2. SL Deadlift with posterior leg planted. While in DL bent over position, do SL kickback with foot flexed (strong push with heel) (RL entire first round, L next)
3. + Bent over knee drop (split stance squat, lower down into knee drop
4. Iso: Hold in halfway up position from knee drop

1. R jab L jab sprawl
2. Triceps Push-up on weights
3. + Pop up and reverse grip tricep pushdown (elbows bent, palms forward, press hands down to palms posterior) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Chataranga hold These are KILLER! I had to pop up quickly 2x in each of these 40-second holds. It’s where they come in the set list, partly, and that amount of time seems looooong, lol.

SET 6:
1. Punch Downs (weights in fighter stance, punch down R arm to left foot, repeat on opposite side) 2, 5lb weights
2. Alt low squat toe touch (front- heel tap, side- toe tap, back- toe tap) 2, 5lb weights
3. + Hangman tricep extension (arms in lower scarecrow position, extend arms straight out, palms facing posterior) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Low squat with tricep extension hold 2, 3lb weights

SET 7:
1. Side lunge to side kick R, side lunge to side kick L (kick with heel, foot flexed)**
2. Side step up with lateral leg raise (RL first round, L next) 2, 10lb weights
3. + High Front Bicep Curl (raise arms up straight, palms up, curl up toward either side of neck) 2, 5lb weights
4. Iso: Lateral leg raise hold with full curl hold 2, 5lb weights

** Cardio Burnout 50:10 2x
1. Speedbag lateral hopping back and forth This 1st move was really hard right after all the arm work! Next time I might either put this move last in the set and/or give myself a 2min break before starting the cardio burnout.
2. Low squat shuffle + crosses and side kick on either end
3. uppercut elbow roundhouse
4. rollback cross cross tuck jump

I might be tempted to do Jamie’s additional sets, if I was in the mood for a super long workout, but I can’t really understand the language without Julie’s demo, so I didn’t include them in the “for future consideration” notes. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of workouts on YouTube, particularly on my new favorite channel! #Fit Body by Julia



About 30min easy, timed poses.

Core #HIIT with #jumprope & #swings + #yoga

Decided to write my own jumprope & core “recovery routine” because only I can know how little I wanted to actually work and what muscle groups I wanted to avoid taxing. The most slow & lazy jog jumprope was fine for today. It’s about having some daily discipline in my life and, I have to repeat it, a solid reason to take a shower.

I love Fit Body by Julia workouts, but I think this week was the first time I did two back to back, on consecutive days. I finally found something as intense as my old “advanced” Ashtanga workouts (full 3rd and part 4th) series, minus only the sheer terror and life or death focus required for the dreaded tick tocks.

I’d wanted to do more yoga, but I’m going to have to configure myself to fit just in the office & run the little space heater if I wanna do that. Temp is 64 degrees. Once you stop jumping you get cold!

Soundtrack: Rock Out Your Workout playlist on Amazon Prime. I won’t have it after February! Not unless something changes. It was nice and aggressive and I fucking cranked it.



  • (10/50) 2 rounds with 2min rest in between – 50min
  • 1st round – all jumprope
  • 2nd round – jumprope / swings – 35lbs This was the first time I ever did 6, 50-sec sets of swings at that high of a weight!
  1. Elevated feet, knee in to shoulder & then opp arm
  2. Straight abs
  3. Crunches, feet down
  4. Crunches, feet off floor
  5. Oblique crunches, one side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  6. Oblique crunches other side / Side Plank Hip drops – 2nd round
  7. Reverse curl on bench, 3lbs
  8. Pendulum on floor, arms out to the side, 5lbs, alt sides
  9. Elevated side plank, bottom leg raise
  10. Other side
  11. Ustrasana
  12. Swimmers, Rumi style


  • About 15min


Arms Legs and Abs Shredder by Oxana

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

HIIT (15/50) 3x

time 1:01:30 I gave myself an extra 5-seconds for transition time, for list checking and running around. The pull-up bar is installed in my bedroom door but I exercise mostly in my office (currently).

Group 1, ARMS HIIT

  1. Tricep burpee
  2. Pull-up
  3. SL burpee, alt. Switch kick at the top to change legs.
  4. SL Dive bombers alt
  5. Chin-up
  6. Pushup plank hold / Pinca Mayurasana / Vrischi var (more of a back bend & bent legs)

Group 2, LEGS HIIT

  1. Bench jumps Mine’s lower than the video but I’m not a very good jumper so that’s fine.
  2. Side lunge & return, rev lunge, switch lunge, 20lbs held w/ both hands @ chest
  3. Squat jacks fwd and back (arms behind the head) 1-2-3 forward & reverse
  4. Goblet Sumo Twist 20lbs @ sternum. Twist to tap alt feet w/ weight L/R & hop.
  5. Curtsy lunges + kick, alt. 30lbs
  6. Wall Sit These are actually WAY more challenging for me than a free-standing low squat, maybe bc I get my weight so far back & only in my heels. Dunno, but that’s why I put this here. The 3rd one was killer.

Group 3, CORE HIIT

  1. Diamond jumps Hate this one!
  2. 10 High knees + roll back (touch floor w/ toes)
  3. Mountain climbers (hopping, wide)
  4. Donkey kick / kick through / hip drop
  5. Russian kicks Hate this one too! LOL. That’s why it’s good to do 3 sets of ’em once in awhile.
  6. Navasana / Pinca Mayurasana / Pinca Mayurasana (backbend)

Burnout by Julia 10 mins total
Set 1
1. Deadlift
2. Deadlift +upright row
3. Deadlift+ upright row+ squat/elbows in
4. Deadlift + upright row + squat/elbows in + press
5. Deadlift upright row+squat elbows in+press + surrender

Set 2
1 sit ups
2 sit up + stand
3 Sit up + stand + alt pistol
4 Sit up + stand + alt pistol+ rollback and  jump
5. Sit up + stand + alt pistol+roll back and jump+ push-up

(time 1:16:07)


About 24 minutes of really gentle stuff. Back bending intervals at 15/30 & my fave restoratives.