Plank & core TORTURE, killer #slider workout

I was considering taking a full-on rest day. I’m sore from yesterday’s HIIT. Those 3 rounds were killer, and doing three sets of pull-ups and chin-ups… I left the weighted vest off for those because I’m working to the MAX of my strength, even with a crossfit strap assist.

I watched this round & thought, This is a burnout? It’s a lotta fucking plank! Since I’m going to be making a vegan Mexican feast for an early dinner, I decided to do the unheard of & just do a quick, under 45-minute workout, and I left my vest off again. I didn’t burn much at all but I worked my core!

This’d be great do do along with skipping. It’d make the amount of planking easier, with the upper body getting to rest a bit between them. That’d make a 60-min set though, putting skipping before moves 1-30.


Workout starts about 6min in


  1. Mountain climbers – on sliders
  2. Wide arm push-ups, arms sliding out wider and then back in. Feet stay wide.
  3. Slide one arm forward, then out to the side for a push-up, alt arms.
  4. On knees, slide both arms out to the front & then back.
  5. Circle arm out & to the side. Bring same side knee in to touch elbow. Alt sides.
  6. Knee in. Circle leg out to the side & push-up. Alt sides (feet on sliders now)
  7. 1 push-up, six fast mountain climbs
  8. Alt spider push-ups
  9. Reverse plank, heels on sliders. Do v-legs and then a tricep dip
  10. Tabletop. Slide one & then the other heel out, then back in.
  11. On shoulders, hips up. Slide both heels out & then do hip dip & press up.
  12. On one heel, the other leg up. Slide the one heel on & then do hip press. Or if that’s too hard just keep the supporting leg in place & do hip press w/out slide.
  13. other side
  14. Plank. Slide both legs in & out. Then slide right leg under & through & do a staggered leg side plank.
  15. other side
  16. Side plank. Top leg on slider. Slide it to the front & swing top arm forward to try to touch foot.
  17. other side
  18. Plank. Slow cross under, alt sides
  19. Plank. Fast cross unders
  20. Pike slides
  21. Plank walks. Slide knees in when down in forearm plank.
  22. Standing! Squat & slide one leg out to the side
  23. other side
  24. Lunge forward & back, one side
  25. other side
  26. Circle out, while squatting
  27. other side
  28. Curtsy lunge
  29. other side
  30. Squat jumps, sort of, both feet on sliders, touching the floor with fingertips when feet slide out.


  1. Tuck abs, on floor with 5lbs
  2. Swimmers, the on your stomach kind
  3. Obliques, on floor, 3lb weight bet feet
  4. other side
  5. 2min bear crawls


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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