1hr 33min #HIIT and about 25min easy #yoga

I’ve certainly amped things up a bit!

And I feel a little better. How about that? I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the workout I’d planned for today, but since it’s intervals (which allows you to slow down without taking all fucking day to get your workout done) I went for it.

But still, each half of the HIIT was 44-min. And I had to stretch after so I took a full 2 hours.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Do each set 50:10 2x 8 minutes per set. (I gave myself a full minute rest after every set.)

Then do each set split into a tabata pair at 20:10 4x, 4 minutes per tabata pair. That means (with set 1 for example) 4 plank jack & star burpees alternated with squat holds & front kicks followed by 4 rainbow rocket lunges, right-left-right-left for an 8min tabata set.

Set 1
(with weighted vest)

  1. Plank jack star burpee Jump back to plank & jump feet out to push-up. Jump back in & star jump up.
  2. Squat hold+ front kick Kick 1 leg then the other & then stand up & squeeze ass.
  3. Rainbow Rocket lunges RL Lunge back. Pick up leg & cross it behind the other at an angle. Pick it back up & go the other way into a back lunge again. Try to come to dighasana A in between. Then pick the knee up in a hop up.
  4. Rainbow Rocket lunges LL

Set 2

(no vest)

  1. Skater hop +pistol to SL plank hop tricep push-up
  2. Quadzillas Rotating jump squat. Go all the way around and then do 4 high knees out to the side. Repeat jump squatting in the opposite direction.
  3. SL plank walk + mat hop Go down & back up & then do SL mat hop & switch legs
  4. Plank row t stand punch up 2x headbanger 2x, 10lbs Row to side plank & punch straight up 2x and then tricep dip

Set 3

(with weighted vest)

  1. Squat pulse squat jump 5 pulses and then a jump
  2. 6-way shoulders 5/8lbs, lateral raise, move to front, then overhead, back down forward, out to the
  3. Pendulums lunge hop+ kick One leg. Lunge forward, hop, back leg kick & then lunge back & hop This was the only move I didn’t like. I found it so confusing I was concentrating more on trying to move my limbs in the correct order rather than working my muscles. I’d change it to something simpler if I do this routine again.
  4. Clean and press burpee, 30lbs

Set 4
(no vest)

  1. Handstand plank hop tuck jump Handstand, hop back to plank & then back in. Tuck jump.
  2. Wide push-up t stand dip, alt sides
  3. Hitch kick hammer curl 10lbs, Lift knee, jump to switch kick. Then balance on the landing leg & hammer curl.
  4. Dive bombers

Set 5

  1. Flutter kicks
  2. Russian twists, 10lbs
  3. Straight ab crunches Feet on floor for the 2, 50-sec intervals. Alternated with on floor & bent legs, feet off the floor for the 4, 20-sec intervals
  4. Back bow explosive push-up On belly. extend arms forward & left arms & legs off the floor. Then explosive push-up

Changed the order of this for the Tabata, to split up 1 & 2 & give the quads a rest. Did Flutter kicks & Straight Abs and then Russian Twists with the Back Bow to Exploding Push-up.

Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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