42min #HIIT, some abs & some #ashtanga #yoga

My repeating cardio: Jumpovers alt. with Skipping

This is actually a 24min HIIT & 6min abs workout. I was expecting 40min so I went to Sean’s Facebook page. He’s one of the other Bodyrock trainers. (Man does he look ripped to shreds compared to what he used to look like as recently as Fat Burn Challenge days. I want the supplements he’s on!) His videos are just on his Facebook & 12min only, from the looks of things. They’re harder to follow and more repetitive than Lisa Marie’s, but I felt like I wanted just a little more & thought, Why not try one? Meh. He’s hot but…

Then I moved onto yoga, the suryas, fundamentals my usual way. After that 1min in Urdhva D by the wall & finishing in 1min intervals. Savasana. Felt like a good recovery day workout, though I’m not going to get another balls-to-the-wall Julia routine out of myself unless I give my body a rest day!

So funny that what I kept from my obsessed / cult days with Ashtanga is mainly the beginning and ending, the non money shots, if you will. That beginning section makes a GREAT cool down. I love it.




Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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