#RadicalAcceptance & today’s #HIIT & #yoga workout

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I have finally “moved on” into this stage & the term Radical Acceptance popped into my head. I think I first encountered it reading Pema Chodron during my silly yoga TT in 2004. I can figure out the year easily by looking at my resume. It was the 2nd year I worked at my first hosiery design job. I didn’t save ANY of my old yoga books except for a single item, Matthew Sweeney’s Ashtanga Yoga As It Is. So I don’t remember which Pema I read. Downloaded a sample. Currently reading, and enjoying, How to Be Idle: A Loafer’s Manifesto.

Also started working on lists of dystopian fiction I’ve read. This was all inspired by an email from Powell’s.


This is a bit of a complex & lengthy routine to do just from notes, with the preview occurring the day before yesterday. But I needed that Saturday rest day. I got through most of it pretty well. I had to up the transitions / rests to 15-seconds for a couple sets and I also simplified / swapped out some of the moves. It DOES go by fast, like Julia says at the end of the video. You wouldn’t think so, but it does.

I might wanna repeat the first set sometime – Ten minutes of burpees – with skipping before each round. That’d be a solid, 20min set.

Julia’s bday workout

Daniela’s Cardio (10/50×2) 10 min

  1. 2 Jugglers burpee + clap push up
  2. diamond pushup burpee with squat jumps L-center-R-center
  3. wide arm burpee, 4 lateral hops
  4. I-inchworm hop tricep push up burpee + heel grab + 180 hop hands together out to plank. Burpee then heel-touch jump & 180 jump
  5. double A**kick explosive pushup burpee

Jori’s Legs: 13 min

(15/50) for all

  1. Hip Thrusts (shoulders on bench)
  2. Hyperextensions on Bench Belly on bench, legs hanging off. Tap toes to floor and then lift up, moving quick & swinging high as possible.
  3. Curtsy Lunge RL to Side Lateral Lunge (straight leg), come to stand keeping leg in lunge position, SL Deadlift. 30lbs omit deadlift part next time
  4. Same as above on the LEFT.
  5. Leg Matrix: Squat, Forward Lunge both sides, Squat Jump,
  6. 3-Way One DB Weighted Squat (Squat overhead press, squat right press out, squat left press out)
  7. Side Lateral Lunge Right to Knee Up + Traffic Director Arms standing leg arm in forward & raised knee arm lateral lift.
  8. Side Lateral Lunge Left to Knee Up + Traffic Director Arms.
  9. Kneeling Double Arm Clean + Press, 30lbs Squeeze ass to hammer curl weights up & again to press up. Squeeze back again on the way out.
  10. Double Pulse + Squat Jump 10lbs Squat real low, come to half way, drop ass to calves and then pop up.
  11. Goblet sumo low jacks 15lbs
  12. Bear Crawl Fire Hydrants Alt. R/L. On hands and toes, knees off ground. Pivot to each side & hydrant to kick out

Kelly’s arms (50:10 x1) 10 min

  1. Around the world 10lbs
  2. Weighted touchdowns 8lbs Lateral hops touch down to floor with opp hand
  3. 10 Weighted punches + 4 Hooks 8lbs
  4. Clean and press right arm, 20lbs
  5. Clean and press left arm
  6. Chest fly to narrow press On bench. Fly & put weights together on chest & then press up.
  7. Surrender down (weights overhead) 4 cross punches from knees, (weights back overhead) surrender up 2 side kicks 8lbs
  8. Weighted arm circles forwarded for 10 backwards for 10 (stand on one leg and switch ½ way) 5lbs
  9. 2 spiderman + 2 plank walk + 4 frog jumps
  10. Inchworm to 4 pushup knee tucks Pushup knee tuck, pushup other knee tuck

Christine’s Cardio

Changed to 10/50 with simplified rounds 10min

  1. high knees
  2. wide leg frogger
  3. switch lunges
  4. alternating switch kicks
  5. rocket lunges Lunge back to SL hop with knee up. Alt sides.
  6. 4 weighted jacks / 4 weighted skaters, 10lbs
  7. 2 plank jack shoulder taps + 2 cross body mountain climbers + 2 knees to elbow
  8. handstand
  9. wheel at wall
  10. pinca mayurasana

Lenula’s Legs (15/50) 13 min

  1. Weighted Side Step Up w. Side Kick, step down to Back Lunge (R) 20lbs
  2. 5 Squats / 5 Jump Squats / 2 Tuck Jumps 10lbs
  3. Weighted Side Step Up w. Side Kick to Back Lunge (L)
  4. 5 Squats / 5 Jump Squats / 2 Tuck Jumps
  5. RL Forward lunge and press, 20lbs – 3 pulses w. weights overhead – L SL leg deadlift
  6. 5 In and out Squats, starting wide, jack legs, jumping, touching floor w/ fingertips / 5 Plie Jumps / 5 Heel Grabs
  7. LLForward lunge and press – 3 pulses w. weights overhead – R SL leg deadlift
  8. 5 In and out Squats / 5 Plie Jumps / 5 Heel Grabs
  9. Side lunge & return. Sit to heel down w. sit / stand up + front kick (R)
  10. 5 goblet Squats / 5 Heel Clicks jump up & click / 2 Wide Tuck Jumps
  11. Side lunge & return. Sit to heel down w. sit / stand up + front kick k (L)
  12. 5 goblet Squats / 5 Heel Clicks / 5 Wide Tuck Jumps

Kristin’s Back and Abs (50:10 x2) 10 min

I changed most of this one b/c I don’t have a ball

  1. Superman / Swimmers
  2. Plank row 15lbs Pick up weight & kick back & squeeze opp leg, alt
  3. Goodmorning + Side Sumo Crunches R&L 10lbs Rest weight on shoulders & keeping back straight bend straight forward & then return to sumo squat. Lean left shoulder toward left knee & alt.
  4. Plank to Alt T-Stand Dip & top toe touch I like to stack my feet, aka yoga, so I changed the foot.
  5. Pullover on bench, 20lbs, with reverse curl


The HIIT took 1:19 and then a couple minutes to clear the space, so I did a minute’s passive back stretch on the rack & then straight to Urdhva D and 3 drop backs. Rough! It’s been awhile but no matter. Did a few poses of finishing and a 1min savasana.


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