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Cardio and Strength Double Down by Kristin

With 6lb weighted vest except where noted. 

SET 1, Time 20:34

  1. 5 Manmakers – 30lbs Jump back into plank. Push-up & then row, both sides. Hop in, squat (get into a low squat & hammer curl before you stand) & press = 1 rep Realized in the 3rd set I totally did these wrong! I inadvertantly cheated with something easier. Got it right set 3.
  2. 10 Squat and Press – 30lbs, squatting really low
  3. 10 LL Weighted Staggered Squat Jumps 15lbs, Foot on bench, holding weight w/ both hands. Squat & pop up.
  4. 20 Elevated Plank Toe Touches Touching hand to opp foot, moving quickly.
  5. 15 RL Forward Lunge to Tricep Kickback 20lbs Lunge forward, get low, lean forward & do a tricep kickback.
  6. 30 Switch Lunge Weight Pass through 10lbs, passing under forward leg toward the outside
  7. 20 Bicep Curl to Front Press 13lbs I could really use those adjustable weights!! Bicep up & keep palms facing TOWARD the body during the press-up
  8. 40 Weighted High Knees 20lbs, L+R=1
  9. 25 Bent over Wide Elbow Row, 30lbs Hop back to plank, hop back & dead lift up
  10. 50 Swings 35lbs (break after 27)

SET 2, time 43:04

  1. 5 Weighted Pistols (per leg) No vest! I’m new enough at doing non propped pistols that plain body weight is all I want. Julia keeps her vest on & does 5/5. I went alternate legs & took x breaks.
  2. 10 Surrenders 10lbs Hold weights over head. Like plank walk but going to kneeling. 5/5
  3. 10 RL Staggered Squat Jumps 15lbs
  4. 20 Spiderman (Pike) Pushups 10/10
  5. 15 LL Forward Lunge to OH Tricep Ext 20lbs
  6. 30 Skaters to Knee-up Hop
  7. 20 Hammer Curl to Press 13lbs Keep palm facing the same throughout
  8. 40 Mountain Climbers
  9. 25 Plie Squat to Upright Rows 20lbs
  10. 50 Bench Lunges Jump lunges, alt legs

SET 3, time 1:06. Julia repeats the last set & does those 4 in less time than it took me to do 3! Three was plenty for me! Plus I needed to stretch just a bit more than I did yesterday.

  1. 5 Manmakers – 30lbs Jump back into plank. Push-up & then row, both sides. Hop in, squat (get into a low squat & hammer curl before you stand) & press = 1 rep
  2. 10 Elevated Renegade Rows 10lbs Feet on plank. Do quick, tight rows as fast as you can, L+R=1
  3. 10 Stag 180 Squat Jumps 10lbs
  4. 20 ALT Bicycle touching lower back down to floor & picking up, L+R=1
  5. 20 Alt forward lunge with lat & front raise 20lbs
  6. 30 Jugglers 2 high knees & 2 touch feet = 1
  7. 20 DL to Squat 40lbs
  8. 40 Alt Jump Kick (20/leg)
  9. 25 Weighted Squat Jumps 10lbs
  10. 50 Lateral Touchdowns (25 per leg) legs move back & at a bit of an angle, touching fingertips to floor every time


  • 1min poses, about 30min
  1. Virasana 50lbs on lap
  2. Supta v
  3. Malasana
  4. Paschimo
  5. Block A
  6. BlockB
  7. Anjenayasana R
  8. Hanuman upright, R (back leg strapped)
  9. Anjenayasana L
  10. Hanuman upright, L
  11. Upavistha konasana
  12. Parighasana (var)
  13. Other side
  14. Baddha konasana A
  15. Reclined twist
  16. Savasana

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