Upper body & lower body #HIIT with some #abs & #yoga


Aww… I stopped 2 marks short of the 500 burn ūüė¶

This was a moderate feeling workout for coming off my first rest day of the week, yesterday. That’s fine though. I did fail in my intention to focus on the yoga. I’ve been meaning to do a 1/3rd HIIT & 2/3rds yoga for ages now, but then when I get suited up & ready to go… I guess that’s fine too. In my old existence in NYC I was at least sort of active “off the mat” in that I had a full-time job and a commute that involved lots of walking. Here on The Hill I mostly lie around, lol.

Started with this.

Glad I have sliders and a weighted ¬†vest! I don’t have the bodyrock vest tho. I have a cheaper version I got on Amazon. I took it off for abs cause it’s got 2 weights on the back which make it hard to work evenly.

Then a Bender, (10/50) with jump rope before every #d move for a 30min set.

  1. Wide Leg Pulse, 30lbs
  2. Knee Lift Squat-Right, 30lbs
  3. Knee Lift Squat-Left
  4. Rainbow Lunge-Right
  5. Rainbow Lunge РLeft
  6. Knee Lift to Side Kick-Right
  7. Knee Lift to Side Kick-Left
  8. Hip Thrust-Right
  9. Hip Thrust-Left
  10. Pretzel Lift-Right, lift up & press back
  11. Pretzel Lift-Left
  12. Table Side Step-Right Step out & return & hip thrust. Repeat
  13. Table Side Step-Left
  14. Warrior III-Right Lightly tapping toe to floor bet reps
  15. Warrior III-Left

Then about 15min of yoga including ashtanga finishing, but with headstand first.


Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

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