Awesome 60min #HIIT & 33min #ashtanga #yoga

Of course with the ashtanga, all I did was the Suryas, fundamentals and some poses of finishing, with a lying twist added. The yoga is so delicious after ass-kicking exercise. Today’s workout made me happy.

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Cardio Madness #2 by Daniela

  • Wouldn’t mind repeating this one sometime. I didn’t wear a weighted vest! Was sore from yesterday to start.

Part 1:

I changed the timing a bit cause I wasn’t following along w/ video & needed 10 second transition times. 3 circuits with 7 moves (10/50), 30second break bet circuits = 22min + a couple moments of technical difficulty when iTunes froze & I accidentally closed & “lost” my list

Circuit 1:

  1. Toe touch jacks, coming down low & touching tops of sneakers`
  2. High knees
  3. 5 squat jacks star jump
  4. tricep pushup burpee
  5. switch lunges
  6. 3 walking pushups + single frogger
  7. bunny jump squats, moving quick & not too deep

Circuit 2:

  1. Frog hopper, hip stacker
  2. 8 high knees, competition burpee
  3. Rev lunge LL pulse
  4. Diamond pushup burpee
  5. Rev lunge RL pulses
  6. 3 upright Heel clicks + squat hold (3 count)
  7. 8 mtn climbers + explosive (clapping) pushups

Circuit 3:

  1. Hopping mountain climbers
  2. Squat jumps, lower
  3. Walking lateral plank + oblique hops (3 diamond jumps)
  4. Fast feet
  5. Vertical frog jumps, feet wide, sink butt to heels &  touch floor. Jump up with hands up.
  6. Elevated pike push-up
  7. In and out jump squats – touching floor w fingertips on each “down”

Part 2:

Quick cardio Pyramid:

40/30/20/10 second intervals 10 sec rest after each full round

Time @ the end 43:56

  1. Burpee tuck jumps
  2. Lizard hops, like hopping mt climber, but hands are uneven too & hop as well. Same hand forward as knee. These are hard! Would remind anyone who’s practiced 2nd series of Nakrasana
  3. Mat jumps
  4. Prisoner Jacks (Jumping oblique twists) T-arms. Hop out & hop 1 knee to opp shoulder, alt.

Part 3:

Cardio AMRAP 10 minutes

5 moves 10 reps each

  • my stats = 5 full rounds & 5/5 of burps & 180 tucks in 6th round
  1. Burpee 2 switch lunges
  2. 180 squat tuck jumps
  3. plank jacks in catarunga hold
  4. heel clicks, standing and then hands on the floor in a half handstand, donkey kick sort of way
  5. double buttkickers standing

Burnout 1:

2 minutes

Add-on plank jack pushup star jump burpee.

  • 5/5 of plank jack & then 5 more star jumps
  1. Hop back to plank. Hop feet out & do push-up.
  2. Star jump

Burnout 2:

(10/40) 8:20

  1. RL Bulgarian clap under – back leg elevated. Pop front leg up & try to clap under knee if possible
  2. LL Bulgarian clap under
  3. clap push up
  4. clap knee abs – legs straight, feet off floor. Pulling alt knees in. Pick shoulders up & clap underneath leg.
  5. Alt fwd lunge tuck with clap under front leg – picking up front leg again in a pop up.
  6. clap jack (clap above head and alt clap under each leg)
  7. squat jump clap and squat squeeze, clapping chest level
  8. clap abs – lying on back, feet off ground and legs straights @ like 45 deg. Do X shape out w/ limbs & then clap in the middle
  9. Lunge / kick / lunge, clapping under front on 2nd lunge. Change legs.
  10. plank lunge clap – deep lunge & clap under front leg. Bring torso overhead and clap overhead. Change sides.


  • My version of the Suryas & fundamentals, then a jump through to a 5-breath, finishing style Paschimo. Normal finishing from there to uttana padasana, a lying twist & a 1min savasana. Brilliant!

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