Arms Legs and Abs Shredder by Oxana

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HIIT (15/50) 3x

time 1:01:30 I gave myself an extra 5-seconds for transition time, for list checking and running around. The pull-up bar is installed in my bedroom door but I exercise mostly in my office (currently).

Group 1, ARMS HIIT

  1. Tricep burpee
  2. Pull-up
  3. SL burpee, alt. Switch kick at the top to change legs.
  4. SL Dive bombers alt
  5. Chin-up
  6. Pushup plank hold / Pinca Mayurasana / Vrischi var (more of a back bend & bent legs)

Group 2, LEGS HIIT

  1. Bench jumps Mine’s lower than the video but I’m not a very good jumper so that’s fine.
  2. Side lunge & return, rev lunge, switch lunge, 20lbs held w/ both hands @ chest
  3. Squat jacks fwd and back (arms behind the head) 1-2-3 forward & reverse
  4. Goblet Sumo Twist 20lbs @ sternum. Twist to tap alt feet w/ weight L/R & hop.
  5. Curtsy lunges + kick, alt. 30lbs
  6. Wall Sit These are actually WAY more challenging for me than a free-standing low squat, maybe bc I get my weight so far back & only in my heels. Dunno, but that’s why I put this here. The 3rd one was killer.

Group 3, CORE HIIT

  1. Diamond jumps Hate this one!
  2. 10 High knees + roll back (touch floor w/ toes)
  3. Mountain climbers (hopping, wide)
  4. Donkey kick / kick through / hip drop
  5. Russian kicks Hate this one too! LOL. That’s why it’s good to do 3 sets of ’em once in awhile.
  6. Navasana / Pinca Mayurasana / Pinca Mayurasana (backbend)

Burnout by Julia 10 mins total
Set 1
1. Deadlift
2. Deadlift +upright row
3. Deadlift+ upright row+ squat/elbows in
4. Deadlift + upright row + squat/elbows in + press
5. Deadlift upright row+squat elbows in+press + surrender

Set 2
1 sit ups
2 sit up + stand
3 Sit up + stand + alt pistol
4 Sit up + stand + alt pistol+ rollback and  jump
5. Sit up + stand + alt pistol+roll back and jump+ push-up

(time 1:16:07)


About 24 minutes of really gentle stuff. Back bending intervals at 15/30 & my fave restoratives.


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