Booty Rock Workout by Kristin Fit Body by Julia


  • (10/50) 22min set , 2x through with 2min break in between. (Did it with my list rather than following the video.)
  • Round 1 – In & Out Squat Touchdowns, with 8lb weighted vest
  • Round 2 – Jump rope / Jugglers – Jugglers are SO hard for me. Jacks my heart rate even higher than jump rope & makes the latter seem like a break. I think it’s the accelleration necessary to get my feet high enough to touch my shoes on that bit of it.
  1. Plank Jack + Punch
  2. R Static Reverse Lunge + Front Raise to Lateral Raise, 10lbs
  3. L Static Reverse Lunge + Scarecrow 10lbs Raise arms bent at 90deg. Rotate arms up. squeeze elbows together in front. Come back down. Rotate arms forward & then bring elbows back down to starting point.
  4. Deadlift + Wide Row 20lbs Wide row is @ the bottom, before coming back up to standing.
  5. Static Crab Bridge Hold + SA R Tricep Ext 8lbs / 2nd round straight arm tricep press backs, 1 20lb weight
  6. Static Crab Bridge Hold + SA L Tricep Ext 8lbs 2nd round Tricep kick backs with a pulse, flipping hands to face ceiling on pulse, 2 10lb weights
  7. Squat Clean & Press 40lbs
  8. Switch Lunge & Chop 15lbs
  9. Plank + R Fly + R Tricep Ex 10lbs
  10. Plank + L Fly + L Tricep Ex
  11. Plie Squat + Hammer Curl + Press 30lbs Start in squat. Hammer curl. Stand & overhead press. Lower weights to shoulders. Plie squat & curl down.

Triple Core Crush meets Bear Crawl – Men’s Health

Repeat 2x (1:51 – 2:03, 12min)

  1. 10 Bear Walkouts  Walk from bear crawl to plank and keep going until hands are as far out in front of shoulders (and even) as you can. Pause & walk back.
  2. 10 Plank Jacks
  3. 10 R Oblique Hip Dips (on forearm)
  4. 10 R Tricycles Lower back touches floor on the downs, crunch up with right leg only drawing in, low boat to higher boat.
  5. 10 Bear Crunch (5 per side) From bear crawl flip over & draw knee to opp elbow. Arm that comes up to turn body is the one that crunches
  6. 10 Plank Jack toe touches
  7. 10 L Oblique Hip Dips (on forearm)
  8. 10 L Tricycles (hold boat pose and draw one knee in)
  9. 10 Bear Squat Bear crawl to down dog


  • Ashtanga suryas to fundamentals
  • Jump through to Paschimo, 10 breaths in the 2nd one & finishing to uttana padasana. 1min savasana



Author: Boodiba

Artist, Designer

3 thoughts on “Booty Rock Workout by Kristin Fit Body by Julia”

    1. Thanks Becky! I don’t always wear my weighted vest, and I just moved up from 6lbs to 8, whereas Julia the beast (that’s a compliment) is wearing 12. This is the 2nd one I’ve had, and I have to admit that I was making enough money in NYC (in my old life) I just threw away the 1st one rather than trying to clean it. Now I’m an entrepreneurial freelancer in PDX & I’m gonna have to figure out a way to clean the 2nd one. I’m thinking some cheap vodka. I’ve been told this is what dance companies use on costumes that get cleaned once a season.

      And yes you’re right! 10 seconds is the rest / transition interval. A lot of people list that 2nd, but when I start a HIIT the 1st interval is the rest. If I’m doing more complicated moves or need more transition time (for assisted pull-ups / chin-ups for example) I’ll sometimes give myself 15 seconds.


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